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Dark Controversial Sci-Fi Horror On Max Explores The Dark Side Of Science

Science fiction and horror are two great genres on their own, but we love a good crossover. Unfortunately, outside of …

3 weeks ago

Monster Anime

Netflix Dark Crime Anime Series Is The Best Mystery Thriller Of The Entire Genre

When people talk about some of the best mystery stories, some of the names that come up include the likes …

1 month ago

What We Do In The Shadows Final Season Can Only End One Way

With What We Do in the Shadows season six confirmed to be its final season, the show has the chance …

2 months ago

The Dark Fantasy Classic Being Kept Away From Today’s Viewers

There are creepy movies out there, and there are magical movies that warm the heart, but the two rarely converge …

2 months ago

don't be afraid of the dark

Katie Holmes Remade A Fan Favorite 1970s Horror That Needs Help

In 2010, Guillermo del Toro co-wrote and produced a gothic horror film that put its star Katie Holmes up against …

2 months ago

Netflix Gets Infamous Comic Book Reboot That’s Already Getting Another Reboot

The Guillermo del Toro Hellboy movies are two of the most underrated comic book films of all time, and it’s …

2 months ago

guillermo del toro

The Guillermo Del Toro And Charlie Kaufman Classic Sci-Fi Adaptation We Need To See

At any given point, Guillermo del Toro’s name is attached, or rumored to be attached, to tons of different projects …

2 months ago

cabinet of curiosities 1

Netflix Horror Fantasy Series Must Get Season 2, Near Perfect Season 1 Needs To Be Seen

Netflix has a long and storied history of canceling fan-favorite shows long before their time. Now, fans have begun to …

3 months ago

Euphoria Season 3 Delays Production, Is The Series Getting Canceled?

If you’re still waiting around for Euphoria Season 3 to drop, get ready to wait some more. HBO recently announced …

4 months ago

1990s Sci-Fi Horror Flop Saved By Award-Winning Director, Stream Right Now Without Netflix

Guillermo del Toro immediately made his creative style apparent in his feature debut Cronos, but his film Mimic, released a …

4 months ago

under the shadow

The Netflix Horror Movie Guaranteed To Give You Nightmares

Horror movies define our cinematic era—even redeem it. Hereditary, Get Out, Smile–it seems the very best movies, the projects generating …

4 months ago

carnival row

Dark Fantasy Thriller Series Has Lord Of The Rings Star Chasing A Murderer

Orlando Bloom starred in one of the greatest fantasy franchises of all time as Legloas in the Lord of the …

4 months ago

Beloved Oscar Contender Accused Of Plagiarism By Disney Writer

It is not uncommon for award shows to be overshadowed by some unintended drama, such as the infamous incident of …

4 months ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Anime Series Is The Best Entry In Blockbuster Franchise

The popular Japanese-American anime series Pacific Rim: The Black is streaming on Netflix. The show, consisting of two seasons of seven episodes …

5 months ago

Forget The Lord Of The Rings Remake, The Hobbit Needs A Reboot

Warner Bros Pictures announced last year that there will be new movies developed for the Lord of the Rings franchise. …

5 months ago

crimson peak 1

The Most Beautiful Horror Epic In Decades Gets Jaw-Dropping New Releases Fans Need

Crimson Peak, the 2015 gothic romance from director Guillermo del Toro, is being released in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. This …

5 months ago

scary stories to tell in the dark

The Netflix Horror Thriller Based On Novel That Traumatized Kids For Decades

Millennials of a certain age will often point to Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark as their introduction to …

5 months ago

The Disney+ Violent Crime Thriller With A Fan-Favorite Genre Icon

These days, it truly seems as though Hollywood has exhausted all possible options for films that center on a man …

5 months ago

nightmare alley

Disney+ Big Budget Thriller From Horror Master Is One Of The Best Remakes In Film History

Fans of film noir mixed with monsters can now stream Guillermo del Toro’s monsterific masterpiece Nightmare Alley on Disney+ through …

5 months ago

Just Give Us Constantine 2, You Cowards

Fans have been clamoring for Constantine 2 since the original came out back in 2005. While there have been signs …

5 months ago

oscar isaac dune

Oscar Isaac Cancels His Most Anticipated Role?

Since the announcement of the film adaptation of the iconic video game Metal Gear Solid, fans have been waiting with bated …

5 months ago

Netflix Margot Robbie Epic Blockbuster Flop Finally Finds Fans

Not every film can be a blockbuster hit, even if it has a fantastic cast with the likes of Margot …

6 months ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Action Fantasy Is One Of The Best Comic Book Movies Ever

When most people complain about “superhero fatigue,” they’re specifically referring to movies out by Marvel and DC. When it comes …

6 months ago

frankenstein nicolas cage

Netflix Nabs HBO Star For Guillermo Del Toro Frankenstein

Jacob Elordi will be starring in a Guillermo del Toro adaptation of Frankenstein for Netflix. And just to be perfectly …

7 months ago

pans labyrinth

Guillermo Del Toro’s Most Disturbing Movie Monsters

Call him the maestro of monstrous creations: Guillermo Del Toro, more than any other director, weaves nightmares and dreams into …

9 months ago

tom cruise

Tom Cruise Almost Starred In Guillermo Del Toro’s Biggest Movie

Sometimes filmmakers have to make the best of a scheduling conflict, and not go with their first choice for a …

9 months ago

guillermo del toro

Guillermo Del Toro’s Star Wars Movie Focuses On The Best Villain?

We love talking about multiverses over here, and there’s one alternate timeline that we would have loved to see play …

10 months ago

guillermo del toro

Guillermo Del Toro Supposed To Make Star Wars Movie?

Guillermo del Toro is a Hollywood icon known for his incredible visual flair and keen ability to produce spectacular practical …

10 months ago

The Netflix Horror Movie That Terrifies Stephen King

Guillermo del Torro’s gothic romance, Crimson Peak, was creepy enough to give even the most seasoned horror enthusiast the shivers. …

10 months ago