The Sci-Fi Series On Streaming To Binge If You Love Stranger Things

By Charlene Badasie | Published


For fans of gripping and otherworldly teen dramas, the British series Silverpoint is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Created by Lee Walters and Steven Andrew, this thrilling sci-fi show is filled with mystery, adventure, and a touch of the supernatural.

Airing on CBBC across the pond and on Hulu and BYUtv in the United States, Silverpoint has become a sensation for those in search of a story with a nostalgic feel.

Silverpoint airs on Hulu and BYUtv in the United States

The story begins in 1997 when four children vanish from Silverpoint Woods without a trace. Over two decades later, a young boy is determined to uncover the truth behind their mysterious disappearance. As secrets unravel and dark forces come into play, the series masterfully blends elements of suspense and the supernatural.

The second season of Silverpoint takes a bold leap into the unknown. A group of sixteen kids, collectively known as Dragonfly, find themselves pitted against three other groups in a series of challenges, all designed by a strange alien presence. These challenges take place in alternate realities, each more unique and perilous than the last.

However, there’s an even bigger catch. If a group fails or decides to quit, the alien artifacts responsible for the challenges will wipe their memories. For Dragonfly, the stakes couldn’t be higher as they are not only fighting to save the world but also for their friendship. This season of Silverpoint is a rollercoaster of suspense, adventure, and heartwarming camaraderie.

Silverpoint follows a group of kids who are trying to solve a mystery of disappearing children as well as an alien presence

Following the success of the first season in 2022, Silverpoint was renewed for a second outing, which premiered on 17 May 2023 on iPlayer. In the United States, the 13-episode first season was made available on the BYUtv App in February and is also streaming on Hulu. Season two, which also consists of 13 episodes, will follow on the BYUtv App this September.

Silverpoint has garnered well-deserved recognition within the television industry. Nominated for two BAFTAs, the series also clinched a Kidscreen Award for Best Live-Action Series. It also boasts an RTS NI Award for Children and Animation, solidifying its status as a standout show in the genre. However, this sleeper hit has no rating for either season on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.


The main characters in the first season of Silverpoint are Louis, played by Oliver Cunliffe. Glen is played by Krish Misra, and Aoife Hughes plays Bea. Kaz is portrayed by Maiya Silveston, Steph by Claire Goose, Meg by Katy Byrne, and Liam by Liam McMahon. Season two features an all-new cast including Skye McClenaghan, Emily Flain, Ellen Taylor, Maariya Razzaq, and Noah Manzoor, among others.

There are a number of different parallels between Silverpoint and Stranger Things

Fans of Stranger Things are in for a treat with Silverpoint. Just like the Netflix series, the British sci-fi drama revolves around a central mystery. Both series feature a group of young protagonists facing supernatural challenges beyond their understanding while capturing the essence of teenage friendships and the courage these young characters muster in the face of the unknown.

The second season of Silverpoint introduces alternate realities and challenges, similar to the Upside Down in Stranger Things. It delves into the concept of otherworldly dimensions, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the storyline. Both series also explore sci-fi as a central theme, drawing viewers into a world where the unexplained becomes a thrilling reality.

Silverpoint should be on every sci-fi enthusiast’s watch list. While a third season is yet to be announced, fans are hoping a new batch of episodes will be coming soon. Meanwhile, Stranger Things is preparing for its fifth and final season, which Netflix announced in February 2022. Production was set to begin on the eight-episode season before it was halted due to the WGA strike.