Star Trek: The Pizza Cutter

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

Amongst all the prophesying about the ways society will change and evolve over the coming of the centuries, science fiction also enjoys speculating about one mundane part of life that unites us all: food. Depending on which vision of the future you choose, you could be settling down to meal time with a nice bowl of Bachelor Chow, a side of spoo, or a heaping plate of Soylent Green. But even if all our culinary needs are eventually going to be tended to by food replicators or ChefBots, we’re still going to need something to slice our pizza. And until such time as somebody patents a mini-lightsaber, we may have found the most awesome pizza slicer around.

This Enterprise pizza slicer pic was posted to Twitter courtesy of celebrity chef Alton Brown. And while it won’t look quite as snazzy doused in marinara sauce, but it will still make you the envy of geeky foodies throughout the known universe. You can pick up one of your own via ThinkGeek.

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