Star Trek Fans Rejoice, Roberto Orci May Not Direct Star Trek 3

By Brent McKnight | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

enterpriseAccording to recent reports when Star Trek 3 drops, supposedly in 2016, they could finally get around to the whole “boldly going where no man has gone before” portion of the story, which is something fans of the original franchise would really like to see from the rebooted series. That’s something to get excited about. One thing that hasn’t exactly ignited a wildfire of enthusiasm, however, is the idea of Robert Orci directing the film. We thought that was set in stone, but according to a recent interview, he has not been officially confirmed as the helmer by Paramount. Stick your head out the window and you can practically hear the collective sigh of relief from fans.

Talking to the fine folks over at Collider Orci said:

I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch. The studio has yet to even read the script. I’m in the middle of writing it, with the talented team of [John D.] Payne and [Patrick] McKay. They are true Star Trek fans, as well. So, I can’t even think anything about the future until I give them a script and they greenlight it. Until that happens, everything else is just a rumor.

So, he doesn’t come out and explicitly say that he hasn’t been confirmed as the director of Star Trek 3, but it does sound like we’re talking about a highly fluid situation. Read between the lines and you can still hold out hope that someone, anyone other than Bob Orci will direct the film. It might be a slim hope, but considering the widespread public outcry that accompanied news of his involvement, that’s a slim hope that many fans will be glad to cling to.

OrciThis also means that, despite what we’ve heard about this film finally beginning the Enterprise’s iconic five-year mission, it’s possible that, too, might not happen.

Fans haven’t exactly been shy about expressing their feelings on Orci, who wrote the script for Star Trek Into Darkness, the almost universally maligned second film in revamped franchise—it was recently voted the worst film in the family at a convention. Orci addressed the steadfast devotion of the show’s fans:

It takes a dedicated fan base, and that’s why I do think there is such a feeling of protectiveness about Star Trek, both from the people who work on it and the fandom itself. They’ve kept it alive for a long time, through thick and thin. We didn’t invent Star Trek. We’re just taking care of it for a little bit. And there will be others who will come in and take care of it, long after we’re gone. It’s that amazing of a thing. You just hope, with anything you do, that you can work on it long enough that you can pay it its proper due.

Orci is primarily known as a writer and producer, and recently split with Alex Kurtzman his longtime partner in both realms. The duo worked on shows like Fringe, Alias, and Sleepy Hollow, and movies like The Island, Cowboys & Aliens, and Eagle Eye. Orci is also a very outspoken 9/11 conspiracy theorist. If he does wind up at the helm of Star Trek 3 it will be his first time directing.

Don’t want Orci directing the next Star Trek movie? Make yourself heard by contacting the movie studio responsible here.

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