Give Your GPS Sci-Fi Flair With A Wide Variety Of Iconic Vehicles

By Nick Venable | Updated

serenity2Before I even get into any kind of an introductory paragraph here, let’s get it out in the open that if you don’t own a Garmin GPS device, this story might not be beneficial to you. Unless you know how to get these on other devices. It might be easy as shit. I have no idea. I use a map and smartphone in collaboration.

So, just yesterday we told you about how to convert your cash when you’re traveling to other sci-fi locations. But we didn’t tell you a good way to get to those locations. We’re such jerks that way. Just head on over to GarminHeaven to find a slew of GIFs that you can upload to your Garmin systems to instantly be traveling in style.

[Warning: Giant Freakin’ Robot is not responsible if you turn into a total assface and decide that using a DeLorean icon gives you the right to actually travel 88 mph down any American road, no matter how bad you want to shred on “Johnny Be Goode.”]

We realize this isn’t a life-changing option to have while traveling, but as human beings, we are afforded the right to act as if we’re driving in whatever the hell we want to. If you’d like to give your imagination to charity, be my guest. I’ll be scooting and booting around in the Ghostbusters‘ Ecto-1, thank you very much. But seriously, you can get the Serenity ship from Firefly, the TARDIS from Doctor Who, KITT from Knight Rider, or even the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo.

There’s really no point in listing them when I could just show them to you. Behold a bunch of spinning digital GIFs. Take a shot for every one you recognize. But don’t drink and drive. Keep the Garmin on your lap while you pass out next to the filled tub.