Plan Fictional Vacations Accordingly With Sci-Fi Currency Converter

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

creditsIt’s summertime, people. The sun is out — or suns, depending on what planet you call home — and the lack of snow and winter rains makes it the perfect time for traveling. Everybody needs a vacation, but something no one needs is arriving at the desired destination, light years away (or in a different futuristic dimension), and not having the right kind of money or any idea of how much money you’re supposed to have for proper conversion. The almighty dollar is only an illusion.

Luckily, Money in Advance has made things a little easier for everyone by creating the Intergalactic Exchange Bureau, which assists uninformed travelers in figuring out how currencies of different nations add up when converted to those of science fiction’s most notable properties.

The dollar, the British pound, and the Euro are up for conversion, and you’ll be able to tell how they match up with Galactic Credits from Star Wars, Federation Credits from Star Trek, Dollarpounds from Red Dwarf, regular old Creds from Judge Dredd, and a bunch of other sci-fi and fantasy properties. The different monies of A Song of Ice and Fire and Harry Potter, the Ankh-Morpork Dollar from Discworld, and even the Fallout‘s bottle caps, Simoleons from The Sims 3, and Septims from Skyrim are also featured. Do your own conversions below, and don’t forget to tip your Cantina bartenders.

Sci Fi Currency Converter by Money In Advance

Sci Fi Currency Converter by Money In Advance

As if all that wasn’t cool enough, notice that you also get some background information on each of the currencies, just in case you didn’t know that Ankh-Morpork was a city. Now all I need to know is how much it costs to spend a night (or at least a half-hour) with Inara Serra.

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