Into Darkness Screenwriter Roberto Orci Apologizes For Antagonizing Star Trek Fans

By Rudie Obias | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

OrciA few days ago, screenwriter Roberto Orci went on a tirade after Trek Movie posted an editorial titled “Star Trek is broken — Here are ideas on how to fix it.” It’s a fantastic read, but Orci blasted commenters who agreed with the article. Considering that Roberto Orci is a professional screenwriter working in Hollywood, it was very unprofessional. While Ocri has the right to defend his work on Star Trek Into Darkness, his attitude was aggressive and condescending. Well, it looks like Orci has cooled down and is trying to apologize.

Orci took to Twitter to apologize for his rant against Star Trek fans unhappy with the recent movies. Although it also looks like Orci suspended his Twitter account, the good people at Blastr captured a few apologetic tweets before the page went down.

@masteractor not my finest moment. agreed. what can I say? i’m more than half human.

— roberto orci (@boborci) September 6, 2013

@LawrenceBoucher: Hope you know many fans don’t agree w/ article or the obnoxious comments directed at you.” Thanks. Still sorry I reacted

— roberto orci (@boborci) September 6, 2013

There you have it! Roberto Orci is starting the apology tour. Hopefully, Orci won’t take cues from Simon Pegg, who tried to backpeddle after he told Star Trek fans to “Fuck Off!” after Star Trek Into Darkness was voted the worst Star Trek movie at a recent Star Trek convention. I’m not sure if Star Trek: Insurrection is a better movie that the second Star Trek reboot film, but it’s definitely not as good as the first reboot.


In this glorious time of the Internet, it’s important to remember that everyone can “hear” your conversation. Someone with the stature of Roberto Orci should’ve known better than engage with Star Trek fans in the way he did. It’s also surprising that this didn’t happen to Damon Lindelof last year for his part in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, but it seems like Lindelof is smart enough not to antagonize sci-fi fans and Internet commenters. Hopefully, Orci will be smarter in the future.

Orci will continue the trend and write Star Trek 3 with his writing partner Alex Kurtzman. Maybe he’ll think twice about recycling old material for a new movie and pandering to an established fan base. But considering that it’s Orci and Kurtzman — who also co-wrote the first two Transformers films — it’s doubtful.