See A Disheveled Kate Beckinsale In The First Look At Her New Spy Thriller

The production of Kate Beckinsale upcoming film Canary Black releases an image of the star in action.

By Joshua Jones | Published

kate beckinsale canary black

Kate Beckinsale’s new action thriller, Canary Black, has officially begun production in Croatia. The actress stars alongside Rupert Fiend in the project directed by Taken and Peppermint filmmaker Pierre Morel from a screenplay by Inheritance’s Matthew Kennedy. A new photo from the action flick shows Beckinsale’s Avery Graves involved in what appears to be an intense chase scene.

As noted in Deadline, the film’s plot centers on CIA agent Avery Graves and her becoming blackmailed by terrorists into betraying her own country to save her kidnapped husband. When she can no longer rely on the CIA, she enlists the help of her underworld contacts to help her locate the coveted intelligence that the kidnappers desire. Kate Beckinsale’s involvement in Canary Black comes after the actress recently completed production on Charlie Day’s new comedy El Tonto and Catherine Hardwick’s Prisoner Daughter.

The first image of Kate Beckinsale in Canary Black immediately brings to mind the famous spy thrillers of the modern era. The Bourne franchise starring Matt Damon as the CIA operative who suffers from dissociative amnesia is an excellent example of how the spy genre has evolved over the decades. It mixed action with character drama and political commentary, all while centering on one character’s journey. Hopefully, Canary Black can follow in the same footsteps as the Bourne franchise.

In addition to Kate Beckinsale, Canary Black brings along cinematographer Theirry Arbogast whose credits include The Fifth Element and Lucy. The production design was done by Sebastian Krawinkel, who previously worked on Around The World In 80 Days and A Most Wanted Man.

The film is currently in post-production. No release date has yet to be announced for the action thriller. According to Deadline, producer, financier, and sales firm, Anton is looking to sell the film at AFM this week.

We’ll have to see how Kate Beckinsale’s Canary Black can compete against today’s fan-favorite spy films. Of course, there is the James Bond franchise that recently celebrated actor Daniel Craig’s last hoorah as the character in No Time To Die. The producers of Bond have suggested they are looking to reboot the franchise with a younger actor.

Kate Beckinsale’s role in Canary Black will be in stark contrast to what the producers of Bond what for their next installment of the franchise. Beckinsale is 49 and yet still looks like she’s 25. Despite the actress’ gorgeous looks, her being close to 50 would typically be a mark against others in the same age range.

underworld kate beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale as Underworld’s Selene

However, the actress has built tons of respect in the industry thanks to her work in the Underworld franchise. Kate Beckinsale’s addition in Canary Black could bring in many fans who remember her role as the elite vampire assassin Selene. Although Beckinsale has put the role behind her, many still hold fawn memories of the franchise.

Kate Beckinsale certainly looks like she could still bring in a huge audience. Canary Black may benefit from having an established name like Beckinsale while also playing with a well-respected genre. Only time will tell whether the film does turn out to be a win at the worldwide box office.