See Kate Beckinsale Busting Out Of A Sparkly Plunging Neckline

Kate Beckinsale looks fantastic in this low-cut outfit.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Kate Beckinsale is a movie star, an action star, and a borderline genius, but it is important to remember she is also one of the most gorgeous people on the planet. Fortunately, social media exists to help us out with little things like that, and an Instagram fan page with the handle of @kate.rbeckinsales recently posted a picture of Kate Beckinsale caught seemingly mid-laugh and practically busting out of a low-cut, sparkly top. It is unknown exactly what the Underworld star is responding to when this picture was taken, but it looks like she was enjoying herself.

We will speculate that Kate Beckinsale might have been at a press event when this Instagram picture was taken, possibly for one of the Underworld films or one of her many other films and (increasingly) television series. In the picture, Kate Beckinsale looks immaculate; her hair is long and gracefully styled down one shoulder, covering an eye like a honey-brunette Veronica Lake. The top she is wearing is deeply, scandalously low cut, and covered in brilliant golden filigree. 

kate beckinsale

It is unsurprising that Kate Beckinsale has innumerable fan pages devoted to displaying her unearthly beauty, in addition to her own very active, very popular (five and a half million followers and counting) Instagram account. The actress is one of our most popular stars to follow around here, in large part due to Kate Beckinsale’s quirky sense of humor and her devotion to dressing her very patient pets in various outfits. For every picture she posts of herself in sexy, skin-tight black latex (apparently one of her favorite fabrics), we also get a weird picture of her with a banana or dressed as a mermaid, and that is fine by us.

It is interesting to see how different celebrities treat their social media, from the highly curated, intensely positive vibes of Dwayne Johnson’s various accounts to the rebellious ice cream antics of his occasional co-star Alexandra Daddario. Despite Kate Beckinsale having been a world-famous celebrity since the early 1990s, her social media presence seems surprisingly unfiltered, which means you get a lot of her hanging out in skimpy outfits but sometimes also just chilling out or making friends with woodland creatures. The recent live-action remake of Snow White starring Gal Gadot and Rachel Zegler could have maybe taken a few pointers from Kate Beckinsale, who seems to be a real-life Disney princess herself.

Kate Beckinsale is currently set to star in an upcoming action film titled Canary Black, in which she plays a secret agent being blackmailed into betraying her country… or else her husband dies. The ellipses were for some extra drama, but Beckinsale is one of our most dependable action stars and she likely does not really need the help. While she has been kicking werewolf (excuse us, Lycan) butt for years now, we never tire of her kicking the butts of ordinary, non-shapechanging people as well. 

We might not be sure what event Kate Beckinsale was at when this picture was taken, but we certainly are glad that it has resurfaced once again.