Did You Know: Kate Beckinsale Has A Crazy High IQ

By Nathan Kamal | 13 seconds ago

kate beckinsale

Celebrities: they’re just like us. Or, if they are British actor and model Kate Beckinsale, they are actually much, much smarter than us. Beckinsale revealed in a recent interview with Howard Stern that as a child, her mother had her IQ (that’s Intelligence Quotient for the rest of us) tested. Apparently, she tested at 152 IQ points. In fact, Beckinsale actually called up her mother during the interview to confirm. According to Healthline, 98% of people are below 130. So…yeah, Kate Beckinsale is pretty gosh darn smart. 

Kate Beckinsale went on in the interview to say that she felt her high intelligence had probably negatively impacted her career. She also said that pretty much every highly intelligent person she had ever met wished they were 30% less smart. In Beckinsale’s case, this would mathematically still put her on the high end of average in the IQ scale. Still, it can’t have hurt Beckinsale’s career all that much. She most recently starred in Jolt, an action comedy with Jai Courtney and Laverne Cox. The movie released to good reviews. She also starred in the Underworld series of vampire films from 2003 to 2016’s most recent installment, Underworld: Blood Wars.

While the future of that particular franchise is up in the area, Kate Beckinsale is apparently not opposed to continuing. Even more intriguing, she told Variety this year that she had at one point been pitching a crossover with Wesley Snipes’ vampire hunter Blade. Given the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s confirmed plan to reboot Blade with Mahershala Ali, could we see him teaming up with Beckinsale’s longtime character Selene? Probably not, but we can always hope. 

kate beckinsale

In recent years, Kate Beckinsale has become increasingly notable for her skill at social media. In particular, she’s used her modeling skills to maintain her image as a fashion icon, while of course feeding the Internet’s never-ending need for cute cat content. But through the course of her career, Beckinsale has appeared in all sorts of work. She first came to prominence through British adaptations of classics like Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing and well regarded ITV version of Jane Austen’s Emma. Upon arriving in Hollywood, Kate Beckinsale first starred in indie dramas like The Last Days of Disco and Brokedown Palace before exploding into blockbuster territory with Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor.

Since then, she has starred in essentially every genre and scale of film there is from romantic comedies like Serendipity, supernatural action like Van Helsing and Underworld and even a Lifetime movie, The Trials of Cate McCall (the ultimate sign of true dramatic range). Kate Beckinsale may consider her high IQ to have been a bit of a hindrance during her ascendence to stardom, but that might be hard for the rest of us to believe. She is currently starring in Paramount+ streaming drama Guilty Party, playing a disgraced journalist. Whether we’ll get to see her star as any kind of ass-kicking vampire (with Blade or not) ever again is really up to her and her crazy high IQ.