Kate Beckinsale Goes To Hospital Right After Golden Globes

By Britta DeVore | Published

kate beckinsale

While most of the A-list names of Hollywood were heading to after parties and Paul Giamatti celebrated his big Golden Globe win in a painfully relatable way at In-N-Out Burger, Kate Beckinsale had a much less glamorous evening – although it did still involve burgers. Taking to her Instagram to share the magic of the star-studded night, Beckinsale posted a series of images recounting her evening from top to bottom. But, when she revealed that the end of her night was spent at the hospital, fans became worried for the Pearl Harbor star.

Kate Beckinsale Feasts On A Burger In A Hospital Room

Still dolled up in makeup, perfect hair, and her sparkling Atelier Zuhra dress, Kate Beckinsale can be seen in what’s very clearly a hospital room. It’s worth noting that she herself isn’t in the bed, and it’s more likely that she and the group pictured were visiting Beckinsale’s stepfather, British TV director Roy Battersby. Battersby was recently sent to the hospital after a stroke, where it was discovered that he had two separate forms of cancer.

Kate Beckinsale Mourning?

Fans flocked to Kate Beckinsale’s comment section, where they asked what had happened and sent their well wishes to the British actress. The following day, she posted a mysterious black box that is likely in response to the possible passing of Battersby. Again, friends, family, and strangers showed their support for the Underworld star in the comment section, where they sent her their thoughts, prayers, and uplifting messages. 

Kate Beckinsale At The Golden Globes

Before bringing glam to the hospital, Kate Beckinsale was up on stage at the Golden Globes alongside Don Cheadle to present the award for Best Actress in a Drama. The award would be a history-making one as it went to Reservation Dogs actress, Lily Gladstone, for her work in Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon.

This marked the first time that an Indigenous woman won the award in that category in the event’s history and is especially important given the less-than-savory reputation the Golden Globes had earned itself prior to a new regime taking over at the top.

Kate Beckinsale’s Accolades

While Kate Beckinsale herself has never been on the stage at the Golden Globes to receive an award, she has found herself as the nominee and recipient at plenty of other prestigious events. She was up twice at the Critics’ Choice Awards for her work in Nothing But the Truth and Love & Friendship as well as at the Screen Actors Guild Awards alongside the rest of the cast of Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator.

Canary Black

kate beckinsale canary black

This year will see Kate Beckinsale returning to screens everywhere in Pierre Morel’s (Taken) latest thriller, Canary Black. Starring alongside Rupert Friend (Homeland) and Saffron Burrows (Deep Blue Sea), Beckinsale appears as CIA agent Avery Graves who finds herself choosing between love of country and the love of her life after her husband is kidnapped by terrorists. As of right now, no release window has been set for the espionage thriller.As Kate Beckinsale and the rest of her family approach what is certain to be a trying time, we’re sending out well wishes and our sympathies.