Kate Beckinsale Celebrates Her Make-Up Artist’s Birthday By Posting a Bikini Pic

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is very close with her make-up artist, Chase Aston. While they have a working relationship, the way she describes him to her five million Instagram followers sounds a lot more like a close personal friend. She often refers to Aston as Dolly, or Dollylocks. To celebrate his birthday, Beckinsale wrote a short friendly message and shared a slideshow of photos, starting off with one where she’s wearing a bikini and Dollylocks is relaxing.

You can see Kate Beckinsale’s post below.

The next photo in Kate Beckinsale’s post can be seen by clicking the arrow on the right. The actress can be seen with Chase Aston’s hand applying her makeup and her hair in curlers. Then, the two are shown smiling close together. In the next photo, Chase Aston appears to be reapplying Kate Beckinsale’s makeup. While the actress is only shown from behind, she has the signature short blond hair that she was seen sporting in Jolt.

kate beckinsale

In the next photo, Kate Beckinsale herself is absent, but Chase Aston is shown with one of her two cats. This one appears to be Clive. Beckinsale frequently posts photos of her cats dressed up in different outfits on her account. Some of her most popular posts highlight Clive. She is also known to her followers for posting creative, fun, and sexy videos and photos. Her friends, including Dolly, are mentioned often and sometimes join her for skits.

As shown above, it appears that Kate Beckinsale worked with Chase Aston on Jolt. The movie was released in the summer of 2021 on Amazon Prime. Stanley Tucci and Jai Courtney joined Beckinsale’s lead. She played a bouncer with a serious anger management problem. The murderous rage she experienced was part of a neurological condition that she managed with the use of a vest that would electrically shock her whenever she felt like killing someone. For the most part, her character was incredibly lonely. People were afraid to be around her. But then she fell in love. Things seemed on the up, until her new love turns up dead. The police are hunting her for the murder, but she’s on a revenge spree out to find and kill the person actually responsible.

Jolt didn’t do all that well with most in the audience. The Kate Beckinsale movie has a 38% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While it may not have been a great success, it does fall in line with the kind of funny and action-heavy roles that Kate Beckinsale often trends towards. In 2001, she became well-known for her role in Serendipity, opposite John Cusack. The romantic comedy is still one of her biggest hits. Only a short time later in 2003, audiences saw her as Selene for the first time in Underworld. After that, a franchise was born. She also picked up similar roles in projects like 2004’s Van Helsing. Most recently, she’s diversified more, playing a disgraced journalist on her Paramount+ series, Guilty Party.