Star Trek Actor Reveals Legacy Series News Fans Need To Hear

By Douglas Helm | Published

Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard managed to stick the landing and become one of the best modern Star Trek shows. The ending of the series was great, too, and it also teased a spin-off, tentatively titled Star Trek: Legacy, that would follow Captain Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and crew members Raffi (Michelle Hurd) and Jack Crusher (Ed Speelers). Although the series hasn’t been greenlit, Ed Speelers recently spoke to Collider about the possibility of the show happening, saying, “I do believe it will happen at some point, and I feel that we will get there, but I think that people have just got to keep being noisy about it. […] Everyone seems to want it to.”

Ed Speelers Wants Fans To Fight For Legacy

In short, if you’re a Star Trek fan and you want to see Star Trek: Legacy happen, you have to make sure to keep asking Paramount for it. Star Trek has one of the biggest fanbases in sci-fi, so keeping the pressure on the studios could work to get the series greenlit faster. Clearly, actors like Speelers are more than happy to reprise their roles, so all that is left is for the series to get the official green light.

Speelers Talked About Legacy On Set

Ed Speelers even teased what kind of character arc Jack Crusher could have if Star Trek: Legacy is made, saying that he and Season 3 showrunner Terry Matalas have “waxed lyrical about it on many occasions,”  adding, “as Terry and I have talked about, is that it’s not gonna be a straight, linear path to balance and success,“ and “he’s always gonna have elements that are gonna torture him, and I think he’s gonna have things that are gonna veer him off course.” Crusher is a fan-favorite character, so fans would undoubtedly be interested in seeing Speelers get the chance to explore the character further.

Other Shows Are Taking Priority

On the flip side of the coin is the less optimistic news we’ve heard about Star Trek: Legacy lately, which is Picard production designer Dave Blass saying, “it’s not in development and it’s not in any way moving forward,” and “Until that changes, it’s just a cool idea.” Blass also added that Paramount is “deep into production on Section 31 and Starfleet Academy.” In other words, while it’s possible that Legacy could happen in the future, it sounds like we’ll have to at least wait until Section 31 and Starfleet Academy get further along before we get any official updates.

Other Picard Stars Speak Up

Michelle Hurd expressed a sentiment similar to Ed Speelers’s, saying, “If the fans still want it, they’ll start working on Star Trek: Legacy.” But Hurd also noted that production wouldn’t begin until after Section 31 and Starfleet Academy if it does happen. Obviously, the success of Picard and the fan reaction to the possibility of Legacy in general makes it seem like it will happen eventually, but it might not be nearly as soon as fans would prefer.

What’s Next For Star Trek: Legacy?

Based on what the cast and crew of the Paramount Star Trek shows are saying, it sounds like production for a potential Star Trek: Legacy show wouldn’t begin until at least next year, if not longer from then. But that doesn’t mean that Trek fans should give up hope that it will happen. Maybe if fans are noisy enough, like Speelers said, Paramount could be convinced to move the show’s production up sooner and give it the green light it deserves.

Source: Collider