The Dark Bloody Adult Anime That’s Taking The World By Storm

By Charlene Badasie | Published

The popular anime series Ninja Kamui is streaming on Max. Produced by E&H Production and Sola Entertainment, the show premiered in the United States on the Toonami programming block of Adult Swim in February. Directed by Sunghoo Park with Takashi Okazaki designing the characters, episodes are available with the original audio track accompanied by subtitles and in dubbed English.

Ninja Kamui

Ninja Kamui tells the story of Joe Logan. Having fled his clan and seeking refuge in rural America, the ex-ninja Higan faces a sudden attack by assassins seeking vengeance for his betrayal. His wife Sara and son Kyle are tragically killed in the ambush, prompting Joe to revert to his ninja skills to avenge his family and dismantle the group that once embraced him.

After the attack, Joe awakens in a morgue, only to be thrust into a web of mystery and danger as FBI agents Mike Moriss and Emma Samanda seek answers. With the aid of unexpected allies and his ninja skills, Joe attempts to unravel the truth behind the shadows that haunt him. He eventually discovers his path is intertwined with a grander scheme orchestrated by forces far beyond his imagination.

A Deepening Mystery

As the Ninja Kamui saga unfolds, Joe’s resolve is tested in the crucible of battle, where he must confront his inner demons and the mastermind behind the clan’s evil plans. The series aired its fifth episode on March 10, which saw Zai ominously warn Joe that his demise had only been postponed before disappearing back into AUZA City.

Season 1 Ends Soon

Meanwhile, in a desolate ghost town, Mike met with a former AUZA employee named Jason Cardenas, who possesses valuable insider knowledge regarding AUZA’s server access. In the city, the clan’s leaders opt to allow Joe entry, strategizing to confront him directly amid a meticulously planned fireworks spectacle designed to divert the attention of residents.

Mike and Jason achieve a breakthrough in their hacking endeavors, uncovering a registry of counterfeit identities used to infiltrate various sectors. However, their progress is abruptly halted as they find themselves besieged by mercenaries. Despite their predicament, the duo narrowly escapes. Ninja Kamui will conclude its first season with Episode 8 on March 31.

New Episodes On Max

Ninja Kamui is described as a blood-soaked action series that resonates with the nostalgic vibes of early 2000s action anime, appealing to fans of the genre. Since the show is part of the Warner Bros.-affiliated Toonami network programming, new episodes are added to Max just one day after its original broadcast.

The Accomplished Voice Cast

Ninja Kamui, announced by Adult Swim in May 2022, features a talented voice cast. Joe “Higan” Logan is voiced by Kenjirou Tsuda (Japanese) and Jeremy Gee (English), Sara Logan by Yuriko Hino (Japanese) and Chaney Moore (English), and Kyle Logan by Arata Kimura (Japanese) / Noble Hutchison (English).

The rest of the cast includes Atsushi Ono, Shawn Hamilton, Yuki Wakai, Luci Christian, Tomoyuki Shimura, Heath Morrow, Kazuhiro Yamaji, and Luis Galindo, among others. Ninja Kamui received a positive reception, with critics praising its unique blend of drama and chaotic ninja action. The cinematography, specifically, appeals to fans of anime and action cinema.

A Strong Start For A New Series

Ninja Kamui has also been praised for its philosophical depth, exploring themes of revenge, the meaning of life, and the human experience. Despite some initial critiques regarding a few supporting characters, the show’s strong start and promising narrative have generated excitement for future episodes.