See Kate Beckinsale Spending Her Halloween Pantsless And Dressed Like A Demonic Pope

Kate Beckinsale is pushing the envelope this Halloween.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Kate Beckinsale has had a rough time recently. She was hospitalized a couple of months ago after a back injury. Recently, it was revealed that the back injury occurred not while doing dangerous stunts on one of her action movies, but while pulling on a pair of leggings. Certainly, that was a hit to the ego. Following all of that, a journalist pushed the actress to answer questions about her IQ. When she told them the truth, and that she felt her high IQ often became a problem on movie sets, headlines went rampant online claiming the actress was full of herself. The experience was stressful. Now, it’s Halloween and she’s ready to put the drama behind her and have some fun. What’s Kate Beckinsale’s idea of a fun Halloween? Well, it may be a bit different than most people’s.

First up for Kate Beckinsale is the pre-party nap with her dogs. She’s ditched her pants, possibly because of the bad experience she recently had pulling on leggings. Why risk it?

Once rested up, Kate Beckinsale got into her costume. That part isn’t shown, but it can be assumed that it took a while. In the photo below she’s shown with a friend. Beckinsale herself is dressed as a demonic version of the pope while her unnamed friend is dressed as a demonic nun If you click the arrow on the right side of the frame, you’ll see a video where they are finishing their Halloween costume prep. See the photo and video below.

Clearly, she’s having a more outrageous Halloween night than most. Between the video and the caption, it’s explained that Kate Beckinsale’s shiny costume is both made of rubber and covered in lube, making her particularly slippery, shiny, and ready to stand out even at a Halloween party. As the actress who played Selene in the Underworld movies for over a decade, Beckinsale is used to moving around in tight-fitting outfits. She’s performed action scenes in costumes much tighter and constricting than what she’s wearing this Halloween. Clearly, years of running around in tight leather costumes haven’t deterred the actress from the look. It may have helped prepare her for this very costume.

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Kate Beckinsale in Underworld

When Kate Beckinsale isn’t on Instagram or having a fun time with her friends, she is acting. Back in 2001, she made waves with the romantic comedy Serendipity. Then she seemed to find her niche in 2003 when she starred in the first Underworld movie. Since then she’s been in the sequels as well as movies like Van Helsing and the Total Recall reboot in 2012. More recently, she planned a bouncer with an anger management problem in Jolt, an action movie on Amazon Prime. Currently, the actress can be seen in Guilty Party. The new series has Beckinsale playing a discredited journalist working to save her own career by proving a convicted murderer is innocent of their crime. The series is currently airing on Paramount+.