Kate Beckinsale Speaks From Her Hospital Bed, New Info On Her Condition

By Tyler Pisapia | 14 seconds ago

kate beckinsale

Fans were left to speculate about the condition of Underworld actress Kate Beckinsale over the weekend. Fortunately, she revealed that she is feeling a lot better after being hospitalized over a yet unknown issue. 

The actress took to Instagram after days of speculation about her condition following an initial report from TMZ. They had it that she was rushed to the hospital while in Las Vegas for work after suffering some kind of undisclosed issue with her back. Kate Beckinsale remained mum on the subject until Monday when she shared a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed with her arm resting on her forehead, exposing both a hospital wrist band as well as her IV. 

In her caption, she did not disclose any further details about what hospitalized her, but she did take a moment to thank fans for their kind words of support, letting them know that she’s on the mend. Judging by the makeup she was able to put on for the photo after what appears to be days in the hospital, it seems she’s going to come out no worse for the wear. 

Rumors about her hospitalization were unconfirmed prior to her post, but TMZ’s initial report had some credence to it after the star posted on Instagram the previous week that she was indeed in Sin City. Kate Beckinsale posed for a photo in a white see-through lace gown with heavy black boots and fishnets while also sporting a black rose headband in order to inform her followers that she was spending time in Las Vegas. The gossip site noted that she was reportedly staying at the MGM Grand but was taken to the hospital around 10:30 a.m. local time on Friday morning. Her representatives have not responded to multiple media outlets asking what the heck is going on. 

People reports that the star was in town to film her new movie Prisoner’s Daughter. That’s why she tagged the film’s director, Catherine Hardwicke in the sultry lace gown snap. Presumably, the outfit is for her character. The outlet reports that Kate Beckinsale stars in the dramatic thriller alongside Succession actor Brian Cox as well as Ghostbusters actor Ernie Hudson and Preacher actor Tyson Ritter. 

Deadline reports that the film, written by Mark Bacci, follows a former convict who is trying to reconnect with his daughter, who is played by Kate Beckinsale. She also has a child who is the ex-con’s grandson, they’ve been estranged while he did his 12 years in prison. 

Unfortunately, it’s unclear if the star’s hospitalization is over or if production on the aptly titled Prisoner’s Daughter will have to be halted as a result of whatever mishap she suffered. After all, Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram post merely confirms that she was in the hospital, not whether she’s still there or that a back problem was to blame. As a result, fans are left to speculate as to what actually happened. However, if she was indeed hospitalized from Friday until at least Monday, the story cannot be one that’s chock full of good news.