John Boyega Picked The Worst Star Wars Movie And It’s One He Was In

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John Boyega as Finn in Star Wars

The sequels don’t get a lot of love among Star Wars fans. Among the sequels, the most controversial is Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. Now, John Boyega, who played Finn in all three sequel films, says it’s the worst Star Wars film out of the three he’s been involved in.

John Boyega thinks Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the worst movie in the franchise.

In a video released by the pop culture Twitter account First We Feast, John Boyega took part in a game called “Truth or Dab.” The game involves being asked questions that he might not want to answer, with a painful consequence if he refuses: having to eat chicken wings coated in painfully-spicy hot sauce.

During the video, Boyega was asked to rank the three Star Wars films he was in from best to worst.

After reading the question, John Boyega hesitated before deciding he was going to go ahead and answer the question. He started by naming the first sequel film, The Force Awakens, as the best in the trilogy. Then, he said that the second best was Rise of Skywalker. He then said that the worst, “in the most respectful sense,” is The Last Jedi.

After answering the question, John Boyega stated that “They’re all lovely.” He then looked back and forth suspiciously before throwing the question card away. This tongue-in-cheek reaction made it clear that he has no real love for the second film in the prequel trilogy.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Part of John Boyega’s reason for hating The Last Jedi may have to do with his character’s role in the film. Finn’s failed attempt to disable the First Order’s tracking device- an attempt that ends up putting the Resistance in more danger rather than helping them- separated his character from the actual relevant plot surrounding Rey and Luke Skywalker.

The Last Jedi didn’t give John Boyega a lot to do, forcing Finn into a sideplot away from the main story and wasting all of the character’s potential.

One could argue that The Last Jedi discarded Finn as a character, even though his character arc seemed full of potential after The Force Awakens.

However, although The Last Jedi has no shortage of naysayers, neither critics nor audiences seem to agree that the film was the worst of the sequel trilogy. 

Rise of Skywalker is widely considered the worst film in the trilogy (and in the whole of Star Wars live-action films, for that matter), with a 52 percent Tomatometer score and a B+ CinemaScore. For comparison, The Last Jedi has a 91 percent Tomatometer score and an “A” CinemaScore.

However, the outcry from vocal Star Wars fans who disliked the direction The Last Jedi took with the series reached the ears of Disney executives, who canceled their original plans for the third film and re-hired The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams to try to undo the perceived damage that The Last Jedi did to the brand.

John Boyega’s least favorite Star Wars movie isn’t the one choosen by fans, with Rise of Skywalker considered the worst film in the franchise.

The result was a film with an overly-packed plot that bordered on the nonsensical, undoing everything that happened in The Last Jedi to the point where the film might as well not have happened. John Boyega did have a larger part in the film, however.

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