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Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away and throughout the nine films that comprise the Skywalker Saga, the franchise has suffered many slings and arrows from the horrible dialogue in the prequel trilogy to the incoherent mess that was the sequel trilogy. Although fans have had much to bitch about, thankfully they have not lost their sense of humor. Star Wars memes are proof positive.

Remember when you hated the Star Wars prequel trilogy (don’t worry, we’ll remind you)? Well, now you have the sequel trilogy to take your mind off of that. Those silly meme makers have left no stone unturned in their focus on what makes Star Wars tick.

So, grab yourself a cup of Batuu’s legendary Blue or Green milk, get comfy, and check out 10 of the most laugh-inducing Star Wars memes in the galaxy.

10 Best Star Wars Memes

10. Huge Star Wars Fan

For this first Star Wars meme, the maker employed the famous Willy Wonka (the original, Gene Wilder) to get their point across about those very fans bitching and moaning about anything and everything that isn’t the original trilogy. The point being, how can one claim to be a “Star Wars fan” if they hate 75% of the material presented?

Maybe, just maybe, you are not truly a Star Wars fan, but you like the original trilogy (who doesn’t?). There is nothing wrong with that, so quit your bitching. Or so says this pointedly funny meme.

9. The Numbering of Star Wars Episodes, Did He

Here is a playful one riffing on Yoda speak. It asks the simple question as to why the first three films in the franchise were numbered 4, 5, and 6 and the next three films were numbered 1, 2, and 3. The answer is simple. Because in charge of planning, Yoda was.

And don’t try to hide it, we know you read that meme in Yoda’s voice. In fact, it out loud in Yoda’s voice you probably spoke. That’s what we thought.

8. Jar Jar Binks Has a GF and You Don’t

This one cuts right to the core. It features one of, if not the most, hated creation in Star Wars lore – Jar Jar Binks. George Lucas created Jar Jar and made his first appearance in Star Wars – Episode I: The Phantom Menace. He was immediately met with derision which resulted in a much-diminished role in Episode II and finally a one-line cameo in Episode III.

We say all of this because the Star Wars meme maker is having fun pointing out the fact that even though Jar Jar was the most hated character in the Star Wars franchise, at least he had a girlfriend, while you don’t. Ouch.

7. My Friend’s Baby is Ugly

star wars meme

We get it. Not all babies are cute, especially those newborn types. But you know how those new parents are, in their eyes, all they see is beauty (and why not, it IS their child).

This Star Wars meme points out exactly how most other people (who are not the parents) feel when they are forced to gaze upon a newborn whose face resembles a xenomorph from the Alien films rather than the gorgeous creature the parents are seeing.

So classic and so true. Maybe we shouldn’t send this Star Wars meme to new parents.

6. Lame Dad Joke Ends in Tragedy

star wars meme

So now we know exactly why Ben did what he did to his father, Han when they met on a bridge inside the Starkiller Base. While it appeared that Ben was dealing with the emotional fallout from his dad being an absent parent, what truly made Ben light up his father’s insides with a lightsaber was a joke.

Perhaps it was not wise of Han to attempt to make up “fun” time with his son so soon. Ben was always a little more tense than the other kids and it doesn’t look like adulthood has done him any favors. Still, not having a sense of humor is no reason to jelly your father’s intestines and then toss him over the side into the burning center of the planet.

5. Hide and Seek

star wars meme

Another classic Star Wars meme. This one concerns Luke Skywalker and the fact that he had been seen nor heard from in decades. According to the meme, Luke has been playing, and winning, hide and seek for over 30 years.

Perhaps of bigger note to this hilarious meme is the fact that of all of Rey’s sudden talents, it was her ability to track down Luke when no one else could. That girl really is amazing, part ninja warrior, part weapons expert, part bloodhound, and all without one ounce of training.

4. I Am Star Wars Now

star wars meme

Wow. Not only did Rey put Kylo Ren in his place, but so has a newcomer to the Star Wars universe. This fun Star Wars meme lets Kylo know exactly where he stands in the grand scheme of things, though Rey already removed any doubt. Here, the new Star Wars darling child, Grogu, explains to a frantic Kylo that he, and not Kylo is Star Wars.

Kylo digs his own grave, so to speak, when he tells Grogu that The Mandalorian is nothing but a side story. Grogu immediately sets him straight with perfect reasoning – “You’re an Emo with a glow stick.” Game over.

Kylo might have a better chance in a rematch with Rey than in dealing with Grogu. Ah, who are we kidding? Rey could take Kylo with both hands tied behind her back, blindfolded, and Kylo having an infinite number of lightsabers at his disposal.

3. An Arm and a Leg

star wars meme

It’s nice to see Obi-Wan Kenobi get a shot in before he takes his leave as a Force Ghost. In this Star Wars meme, Obi-Wan is preparing for his final battle with Darth Vader…by giving him the nicest of compliments: “Nice suit, Vader.”

But next comes the zinger of all zingers. “It must have cost you…an arm and a leg.” Boom. Mic drop right before Obi-Wan gets dropped.

2. Aim is Off Just a Tad

star wars meme

Another classic Star Wars meme that goes right to something everyone is well aware of – Stormtroopers are the worst shots in the galaxy. They have no aim; they couldn’t hit the side of a barn or a person standing two feet away.

In this meme, Stormtroopers are seen handing out an ultimatum, one they should be saying before each and every battle: “Don’t make me shoot in your general direction.” If that doesn’t make you smile.

1. Luke Skywalker, Meet Calvin Candie

star wars meme

This final Star Wars meme has got to be one of the funniest of all. Not only does it play on the Luke and Leia “kiss”, but it also brings in another classic meme to tie it all together.

This one has Luke questioning Obi-Wan, pointing out the elephant in the room that Leia is Luke’s sister. Then Luke asks Obi-Wan if he knew this before Luke and Leia kissed.

Suddenly, Obi-Wan turns into Leonardo DiCaprio’s Calvin Candie meme, laughing his ass off. It is a great combo meme that hits on all cylinders.

This is the way.

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