Hugh Grant And Kate Winslet Reuniting At Last, 90s Nostalgia Explosion

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

Hugh Grant will be joining Kate Winslet’s latest HBO series, The Palace. Variety announced that the actor will be appearing in a recurring guest role. Not much is known about the plot of the HBO drama, other than that it is a limited series that follows the fictional ruling family of a collapsing regime.

Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet previously worked together on Ang Lee’s aesthetically gorgeous 1995 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, which also starred Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman. These four played the two couples formed in Jane Austen’s novel, but Hugh Grant played Edward, the suitor of Emma Thompson’s Elinor, and Kate Winslet played her sister Marianne. Nevertheless, the two played together in many scenes of the Regency romance, with the passionate Marianne constantly making things awkward for the more reserved and gentle Edward.

Although it’s been almost 30 years since Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet starred in the same movie, the two have had parallels in the way their careers have ebbed and flowed. Both stars were at high points in their careers in the 1990s when they made Sense and Sensibility, and in the intervening time, they have matured and taken on roles to match. Audiences have seen one come into his own by taking on more villainous roles, while the other has grown from debutante to HBO prestige series star.

Hugh Grant’s movies since last working with Kate Winslet include credits such as Bridget Jones’ Diary and its sequels, the romantic comedy Love, Actually, the ambitious epic Cloud Atlas, and the Guy Ritchie crime comedy The Gentlemen. He recently starred in the Netflix mockumentary Death to 2020 and its sequel, Death to 2021. Currently, he can be seen in Glass Onion, the Netflix smash hit sequel to Knives Out.

carnage kate winslet
Kate Winslet in Carnage.

Meanwhile, after working with Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet found her own stardom, including the science fiction romance Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the biographical drama Finding Neverland, and the remake of the classic All the King’s Men. Arguably, she is best known for playing Rose in Titanic, for which she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. She has been nominated for Oscars on six other occasions, including for her role in Sense and Sensibility, but has only won once, for The Reader in the 2009 ceremony.

The HBO limited series that will reunite Hugh Grant and Kate Winslet is the fourth HBO series for the actress. She previously appeared in two other HBO shows, Mildred Peirce and Mare of Easttown, and won Emmys for Best Actress in a Leading Role for both parts. She has also signed on to produce and star in The Trust, another limited series that is based on the novel by Hernan Diaz and is starring in the Avatar sequel, The Way of Water.

While much of the information about The Palace is so guarded that it hasn’t appeared on IMDB yet, the news that Hugh Grant will be joining Kate Winslet hints at the artistic heights the show is reaching. It is hardly surprising that the channel that brought us such blockbusters as Game of Thrones and Peacemaker would be as willing to produce more artistic visions featuring high-profile stars, as shown by The White Lotus or Succession. In reuniting two such classic actors, The Palace is showing audiences once again the power of their in-house productions.