Kate Winslet Made A Huge Amount Of Money For Mare Of Easttown

By Doug Norrie | 17 seconds ago

kate winslet mare of easttown

Kate Winslet is coming off an award-nominated (and likely award-winning) turn on HBO in her latest series playing a truly fascinating, likable, and yet frustrating character on Mare of Easttown. It was a brilliant performance, full of significant emotional turns as well as placing a true whodunit at our feet in terms of storytelling. And it just came out, via Screenrant, how much Winslet was paid for the limited series. Believe me, she earned every penny. 

According to the reporting, Kate Winslet earned $650,000 dollars per episode of Mare of Easttown, having her topping $4.5 million for the run of seven episodes. Screenrant is quick to point out this is mostly in line with other high-profile talent signing on for limited series of similar nature. It is a hefty sum of course, but considering Winslet is an A+ talent, it was rather critical to bring her on board in this part. To say she made the series is butting up against an overstatement considering the writing was top-notch. But adding Winslet as the series star definitely started the show off on the right foot in terms of exposure and artistic direction. From there, she definitely made the character her own. 

In Mare of Easttown, Kate Winslet plays the titular Marianne “Mare” Sheehan, a small-town detective living on the edges of Philadelphia. The series brought the location to life with Winslet adopting the regional accent along with the mannerisms and style of the area. This was a Philly piece as much as anything else. In the series, she is dealing with a multitude of issues highlighted first and foremost by a mysterious murder of a teenager in the town. She is tasked with leading the investigation that is anything but an easy solve, putting many of her family and friends in the crosshairs at times. It is a riveting piece of mystery television on this front. 

But Kate Winslet as Mare is also dealing with her own family life including her somewhat rebellious teenage daughter, an ex-husband who lives in the house behind hers, and, with significant gravity, the suicide of her son a few years prior. The show is gritty and harsh, giving us a blue-collar but closed-knit community of which Mare is at the very center. In every sense Winslet is up for the task here, bringing a weight-of-the-world heaviness to the role that stands in rather sharp contrast to other movies she’s appeared in in the past. 

The role has earned Kate Winslet significant awards season buzz and she is one of the Primetime Emmy Award nominees for a Best Actress in a Limited of Anthology Series. There is good reason to expect she takes it home. The show itself is up for a number of other awards as well including Outstanding Casting and Outstanding Cinematography.

Kate Winslet is going to be part of another big-budget film as well when Avatar 2 finally hits screens after years of development. She could be in for an even bigger payday with that James Cameron film.