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Launch Date | November 7, 1972

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George R.R. Martin Has Stopped Working On The Last Game Of Thrones Book

It’s the question on the tip of the tongues of every Game of Thrones fan—has George R.R. Martin stalled in …

2 weeks ago

Game Of Thrones Spinoff Canceled? HBO CEO Reveals The Future

The Game of Thrones spinoff, Snow, centered on Kit Harington’s character Jon Snow, has not received official approval from the network. According to …

4 weeks ago


HBO Used Fake Accounts To Attack TV Critics

Rolling Stone has uncovered a series of text messages that suggest HBO executives, including CEO Casey Bloys, used a secret army …

1 month ago

Game Of Thrones Iconic Location Facing Destruction

According to The Telegraph, a group of trees that were featured in Game of Thrones and Transformers: The Last Knight …

1 month ago

true detective: night country

True Detective: Night Country – All We Know

True Detective: Night Country is Season 4 of the acclaimed HBO series and will star Jodie Foster in the lead role.

2 months ago

kenneth branagh

Kenneth Branagh Is A Real Life Monster In This Shocking Streaming Historical Drama

The 1942 Wannsee Conference may have been the single most evil meeting of the minds ever to occur in recorded …

2 months ago

The Stephen King Murder Mystery On Streaming That Makes You Question Everything

If you need a break from Max offerings like Mountain Monsters, and want to watch something that’s legitimately terrifying, then …

3 months ago

evan rachel wood westworld

Exclusive: Westworld Movie In Development

As the Terminator movies have proven, you can only keep AI down for so long. Our trusted and proven sources …

3 months ago


HBO Cancels Its Best Series

Winning Time is about to become Losing Time after HBO cancels the fan-favorite sports drama. Winning Time: The Rise of …

3 months ago

The Last Of Us Just Cast Abby With One Of Hollywood’s Hottest Stars?

The debate is in full swing. Who will be cast to play Abby in the second season of the popular …

3 months ago

Succession Creator Answers Show’s Biggest Mystery

Succession is widely regarded as one of the greatest shows in modern television history, with a great deal of debate …

3 months ago

daryl zombies

The Walking Dead’s Latest Show Rips Off Fan-Favorite Hit Series

Pop quiz, hotshot: what if your ailing franchise finally got a shot of new life, but everyone knows it’s because …

3 months ago

true detective night country hbo

HBO’s Most Anticipated Series Gets Disappointing Change

Fans waiting for the next chapter of HBO’s True Detective are going to have to wait a bit longer than …

3 months ago

Lily-Rose Depp’s The Idol Canceled In Shocking Move

The Idol, the HBO series from The Weeknd and Sam Levinson, has been axed following a single, unfavorably reviewed season, …

3 months ago

The Last Of Us Spinoffs

The Last Of Us Spinoffs In The Works?

HBO’s The Last of Us was a massive hit, so there is naturally some talk of spin-offs in the works. …

3 months ago

Game Of Thrones Star Shares Their Favorite Moment From The Series

Even after the curtains have fallen on the epic series Game of Thrones, the cast members remain deeply connected to …

4 months ago

robert downey jr robert pattinson

HBO Is Making DC And Marvel Parody Show With Succession Writer

Despite the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, which has shut down most television and film productions, HBO has ordered a …

4 months ago

addictive tv shows

Game Of Thrones Star Thinks The Series Ruined The Ending In One Crucial Way

It’s no secret that the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones was rushed; all the key indicators of a …

4 months ago

Game Of Thrones Star Is Still Upset Over The Final Season

Fans everywhere are still salty about Game of Thrones’ abysmal last season, and Conleth Hill is no different. In fact, …

4 months ago

The Idol Is Being Called The Worst Show Of The Year

Ed Power of The Telegraph has delivered a scathing review of The Idol finale and has gone on record calling …

5 months ago


Netflix Is The New Home For Multiple HBO Original Shows

According to The Hollywood Reporter, things have gotten dire enough for Warner Bros. Discovery to shake hands with a competitor: …

5 months ago

Lily-Rose Depp

HBO’s The Idol Is Such A Disaster That It’s Being Canceled After Just Two Episodes?

The Idol is controversial and yet no one’s watching, leading fans to speculate it’ll soon be canceled.

6 months ago

Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp Criticized For The Worst Sex Scene In History

A sex scene in the second episode of The Idol is being called the worst in the history of the screen.

6 months ago

Perry Mason Canceled By HBO After Cliffhanger Finale

HBO’s Perry Mason has been cancelled, ending with a season 2 finale that sees the titular lawyer sentenced to two years in prison.

6 months ago

lily-rose depp the idol

Lily-Rose Depp’s The Idol Under Fire For Awful Story Decisions

HBO’s The Idol is getting hammered by critics and called, among other things, a “rape fantasy.”

6 months ago

sydney sweeney

Sydney Sweeney Forgot To Warn Her Dad About Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney says her father and grandfather were so shocked by what they saw in Euphoria, they refused to continue watching it.

6 months ago

the idol lily rose depp

HBO’s The Idol Already Getting A Season 2?

The Idol star Da’Vine Joy Randolph says she thinks a season 2 is in the cards.

7 months ago

Succession Is Going To End Just Like Game Of Thrones?

Succession star Jeremy Strong compares the show’s ending to that of Game of Thrones, calling it a symbolic “Dracarys moment.”

7 months ago

ray stevenson

Ray Stevenson’s Best Role Is In A Completely Forgotten Show

Ray Stevenson’s finest role came in the forgotten HBO series Rome.

7 months ago

lily-rose depp the idol

Lily Rose-Depp’s New Show Is Accused Of Reinforcing Toxic Masculinity

Lily Rose-Depp, Johnny Depp’s daughter, stars in The Idol, a show facing severe accusations.

7 months ago