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HBO is the oldest subscription television service operating in the United States and a premium producer of streaming content.

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Launch Date | November 7, 1972

Latest HBO News

Major Hollywood Directors Are Bashing Streaming Services For A Very Good Reason

Hollywood professionals like Rian Johnson and Jerry Bruckheimer are speaking out against streaming’s latest trend of canceling completed projects.

9 months ago

Daniel Craig no time to die daniel craig feature

Daniel Craig’s Best James Bond Film Is Now Trending On Streaming

Daniel Craig’s James Bond movie, Casino Royale, is currently streaming within the top 10 on HBO.

9 months ago


HBO Shooting Down A Spin-Off To One Of Their Most Popular Shows?

HBO’s Succession isn’t likely to get a spin-off with the head of the network saying it wouldn’t be natural.

9 months ago

sydney sweeney

Euphoria Season 3 Just Got Hit With Bad News For Fans

Euphoria season 3 has been delayed according to star Maude Apatow as filming won’t even begin until much later this year.

9 months ago


HBO Just Canceled Its Best Series

HBO’s popular series, Succession, will end after its fourth season.

9 months ago

Halloween Horror Nights movie

The Best Vampire Series Reboot Is Officially Not Happening Anymore

Warner Bros Discovery has canceled a reboot of True Blood.

9 months ago

house of the dragon leak

House Of The Dragon Season 2 Return Date Finally Revealed By HBO Boss

House of the Dragon Season 2 will arrive on HBO in 2024.

9 months ago

succession cast

Succession Star Hates His Co-Star’s On-Set Behavior

Brian Cox takes issue with his Succession co-star Jeremy Strong, choosing to method act his role as Kendall Roy whenever he is on set.

9 months ago

Stanley Kubrick’s Long Lost Final Film Is Actually Getting Made And It’s By A Master Filmmaker

Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon, his epic war movie about the French General, was considered too ambitious in 1970. Steven Spielberg and HBO are bringing it to life as a seven-episode mini-series.

9 months ago

tom hanks castaway

The Last Of Us Used Tom Hanks’ Best Movie For Inspiration

The Last of Us was heavily inspired from Tom Hanks’ Road to Perdition, a 2002 film about a mob enforcer trying to raise his son.

9 months ago

the last of us

The Last Of Us Has Slain House Of The Dragon

The Last of Us was streamed 837 million minutes, beating out the House of the Dragon’s 741 million minutes.

10 months ago

The Last Of Us Disgusting Monster Now A Sex Icon?

The bloater from the Last of Us is being heralded on some corners of the internet as “Big Daddy Mushroom,” the weirdest sex icon of all time.

10 months ago

HBO Max warner bros discovery

HBO Cancels Another Fan-Favorite Sci-Fi Show

Avenue 5 has been canceled at HBO Max.

10 months ago

Nick Offerman Only Did The Last Of Us Because His Wife Forced Him

Nick Offerman was encouraged to take the role in The Last of Us by his wife Megan Mullally

10 months ago

Pedro Pascal

See Pedro Pascal Twerk With His Most Hated Enemy

Pedro Pascal twerks with a Clicker in a video uploaded to Instagram by Saturday Night Live.

10 months ago

westworld streaming

Westworld Has A New Streaming Home After Leaving HBO

Westworld has found a new streaming home on Roku and Tubi.

10 months ago

Nick Offerman Says He Got His Last Of Us Role For A Hilarious Reason

Nick Offerman says he got his role in The Last of Us because all of the good actors were busy that day.

10 months ago

last of us bella ramsey

The Last Of Us Makes A Long-Forgotten Song A Top Stream On Spotify

Linda Ronstadt’s song “Long Long Time” has exploded on Spotify after being featured in The Last of Us.

10 months ago

the last of us

The Last Of Us Just Deviated From The Game In A Masterful Way

The Last of Us showed audiences the tragic inside story of game characters Frank and Bill.

10 months ago

last of us season 2

Fate Of The Last Of Us Has Already Been Decided

After the debut of the first two episodes, The Last of Us has been renewed for Season 2.

10 months ago

Bella Ramsey The Last of Us Part II

See Bella Ramsey Impersonate The Scariest Creature From The Last Of Us

Bella Ramsey’s impersonation of a Clicker from The Last of Us is so good it’s scary!

10 months ago

last of us 2

Last Of Us Creators Had The Weirdest Request For The Stars

The Last of Us creators told the actors not to watch or play the source video games to get ready for their characters.

10 months ago

peter dinklage game of thrones

The Biggest Game of Thrones Star Refuses To Watch The Prequel

Emilia Clarke revealed she is “avoiding” watching the Games of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon.

11 months ago

the last of us

The Last Of Us Premiere Review – A Faithful And Brutal Adaptation

The Last of Us series premiere is one of the most accurate and brutal video game adaptations ever created.

11 months ago

the last of us

The Last Of Us Star Perfected Their Role By Using Vulgar Language

Bella Ramsey from The Last of Us stated she perfected her American accent by learning how to use cuss words.

11 months ago

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. Is Completely Unrecognizable For New Role, See The Photos

Robert Downey Jr looks hugely unrecognizable in his role in The Sympathizer, and we have the images.

11 months ago

The last of us

The Last Of Us Nearly Cast An Even Bigger Game Of Thrones Star

The Last of Us spent so long in development that Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams aged out of the role of Elle.

11 months ago

Game Of Thrones Star Says Everyone Was Wrong About The Series Finale

Game of Thrones star Jacob Anderson makes a valiant attempt to defend the final season, insisting that the series was never going to be what fans expected.

11 months ago

James Marsden Thinks Westworld Should Have Been Saved Even Though It Made No Money

Westworld star James Marsden thinks the series should have been allowed to run for one more season to wrap up the planned story.

11 months ago

last of us 2

HBO’s The Last Of Us Has Already Beaten Game Of Thrones

The Last of Us has a $100 million budget, beating out the production cost of the first five seasons of Game of Thrones.

11 months ago