The Biggest Game of Thrones Star Refuses To Watch The Prequel

Emilia Clarke revealed she is "avoiding" watching the Games of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon.

By Britta DeVore | Published

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When you’ve already conquered the Seven Kingdoms, it’s hard to see someone else take the throne. At least that’s the case for Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke who recently told Variety that she’s “avoiding” tuning in for HBO’s prequel series, House of the Dragon. While the show may have nabbed the network some major viewership numbers and raked in several awards, none of this has swayed Clarke’s desire to see what her in-universe ancestors have been up to as she revealed that doing so would be “so weird” and “so strange” to her.

“I just can’t do it,” Emilia Clarke said as she explained that while she was “so happy” that the show made it to televised form, watching it would be akin to going to a class reunion that wasn’t her year. “That’s how it feels,” the Last Christmas star said after explaining her high school metaphor, adding that she was still “over the moon about all the awards,” but that it was something she was going to stay far away from. “I’m avoiding it,” she explained, as she begged the interviewer to grant her forgiveness for not joining the bandwagon.

On Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke starred as exiled underdog turned psychotic dictator (sorry for the spoiler – you’ve had years to watch it!) Daenerys Targaryen during the show’s eight-season run. For her performance as the mad Queen, the actress nabbed four Emmy Awards and three Critics’ Choice Awards. HBO’s current Game of Thrones-universe series, House of the Dragon follows the ancestors of Daenerys, showing more of the fire and blood ruthlessness that the Targaryen dynasty is known for. 

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The news of Emilia Clarke not being a House of the Dragon stan is both expected and shocking. On one hand, because the series doesn’t focus on any more stories surrounding Daenerys or her direct family, it could be fun to see how the cast behind the prequel molds a different kind of story. But, on the other hand, Clarke has made it abundantly clear that she wants nothing more to do with the George R.R. Martin-created franchise.

With those behind Martin’s fantasy universe putting in overtime to create more spinoffs, prequels, and sequels than we can keep track of, Emilia Clarke came forward with a firm “no” when asked if she’d be returning to the world of Westeros. Back when the Jon Snow sequel, currently titled Snow, was announced to be moving towards production, with Martin saying that Kit Harrington had personally approached him to reprise the role, many wondered if Clarke would get her hands dirty as Daenerys again. Sticking to her guns, Clarke has made it abundantly clear that she’s not hopping back on a dragon now or at any point in the future.

And, while she may not be returning to King’s Landing or tuning in for House of the Dragon or any other spin-offs like it, Emilia Clarke will soon be joining another fan-favorite franchise. The actress is preparing for her Marvel debut in the studio’s upcoming Disney+ series, Secret Invasion, where she’ll star as Abigail Brand. Coming to the streaming service in 2023, the series will follow a sinister sect of Skrulls who’ve shape-shifted their way onto Earth and into some of the most powerful positions.