See Bella Ramsey Impersonate The Scariest Creature From The Last Of Us

Bella Ramsey's impersonation of a Clicker from The Last of Us is so good it's scary!

By Jessica Scott | Updated

Bella Ramsey is freaking out HBO’s The Last of Us fans with her eerily spot-on impression of a “Clicker” in a new TikTok video posted by Entertainment Tonight. When asked to give her best impression of the series/video game’s creepy monsters, she beat out her co-stars and gave the interviewer the best one of them all, complete with the monster’s trademark jerky movements. 


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While the interviewer was blown away by her impression, Bella Ramsey makes it clear that she won’t be quitting her day job on The Last of Us anytime soon. “Maybe it [sounds] more like a dolphin,” she says with a laugh. “I think maybe it’s too nice to be a Clicker.”

For those not in the know about Bella Ramsey’s The Last of Us series and its gruesome baddies, a Clicker was once a person who is now in the late stages of a brain infection caused by the Cordyceps fungus. Their faces are split in two and grown over with fungus and scars, leaving the person blind. The clicking sound that earned them their name is a crude form of bat-like echolocation that lets them “see” what is around them.

Bella Ramsey’s character, Ellie Williams, is immune to the brain fungus herself, so her impersonation of a Clicker most likely won’t be necessary on the show.

Still, though, these creepy creatures have been giving goosebumps to viewers all over the world since the second episode of The Last of Us. According to Variety, seeing these monsters in the game the show is based on is akin to seeing the grim reaper. They are extremely difficult to maneuver around and even harder to kill. 

The Clickers were left almost exactly the same in their move from the game to HBO, unlike the method of infection transmission, which was changed from breathing airborne spores in the game to hive-mind-having tendrils of fungus in the series. While it makes sense from a television standpoint – you can’t see Bella Ramsey and her co-stars’ reactions if everyone is wearing gas masks – some fans were very upset by the move since so much of The Last of Us is pretty faithful to the video game. 

One other thing that is exactly like the game, though, is Bella Ramsey’s character’s immunity to the infection. It may be the only thing that can provide a cure for the rest of the world, which is why she and her surly father figure Joel (Pedro Pascal) are fighting their way through rashes of Clickers and other creatures in the infested wasteland.

But Clickers aren’t the only people Bella Ramsey can imitate. The Last of Us character she plays is an American, but the actress is actually British in real life, as one may have suspected from her role as Lady Lyanna Mormont on The Game of Thrones. Her accent, however, is very good, thanks in part, she says, to all the curse words.

On a recent episode of The Late Late Show, Bella Ramsey told host James Corden that The Last of Us script called for her to curse “every two seconds” and that her most helpful prep material for the show was a “laundry list” of curse words. Once you get the American swear words down pat, the rest must just come naturally!