Westworld Has A New Streaming Home After Leaving HBO

Westworld has found a new streaming home on Roku and Tubi.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

westworld streaming

After leaving HBO Max last December, it appears the hit series Westworld has found a new home on Roku and Tubi. Recently, many Warner Brothers films have been removed from streaming services as current head David Zaslav works to cut costs after the company’s merger. Luckily for fans of the show, Westworld can still be streamed on new platforms.

Many fans of the show were worried when it was pulled from HBO’s catalog in late 2022, however, it appears to only be a transition for the series. According to Collider, Westworld will be able to be streamed on both Roku and Tubi. 

Budget cuts are the main reason behind many shows being pulled from popular streaming services. After a recent merger, Warner Bros. Discovery began removing popular shows from HBO Max and licensing them to companies that offer content streaming free with ads. 

Along with Westworld, Warner Bros. Discovery announced that The Time Traveler’s Wife will also be pulled from HBO Max. Similar shows like The Nevers, Raised By Wolves, and F-Boy Island have likewise been cut from the service. 

Westworld follows an outlandish plot, focusing on an amusement park with robotic hosts. The park caters to high-paying clients who are allowed to indulge their wildest fantasies with the help of the hosts. The hosts are programmed to be prevented from harming humans. 

The show begins to slowly take a turn as the park’s AI robots begin to grow increasingly more sentient. In later seasons, the show’s setting is taken to the real world where a powerful artificial intelligence named Rehoboam controls the human population. 

evan rachel wood westworld
Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld

The futuristic show begs to answer many questions surrounding the fate of humanity, morality, and artificial intelligence. Westworld is imaginative and unique in booths its execution and plot. Combining elements from the sci-fi and western genres, viewers are treated to a multi-dimensional show that entertains and delights. 

The show came with a star-studded lineup. Popular names including Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores Abernathy), Ed Harris (Man in Black), Thandiwe Newton (Maeve Millay), Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe), and Luke Hemsworth (Ashley Stubbs) made up part of the impressive cast. 

Westworld was met with rave reviews at the start. However, despite initial popularity in the show’s first few seasons, by the third and fourth installments viewership had declined dramatically. This decrease in popularity sparked the show’s cancelation last year. 

Westworld’s creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy decided it was the right time. They had a vision for how they wanted the show to end and decided it was better to pull the plug while they still had control instead of waiting until the studio forced an abrupt ending. 

Longtime fans of the show at least were able to gain a sense of closure during the final season. Even though the show’s declining viewership eventually led to its downfall, it still has a following of loyal viewers. Westworld will soon be streaming on Roku and Tubi.