See Pedro Pascal Twerk With His Most Hated Enemy

Pedro Pascal twerks with a Clicker in a video uploaded to Instagram by Saturday Night Live.

By Jennifer Asencio | Updated

Most players of the game The Last of Us have a very deep but healthy fear of clicking noises because they know that the sound is usually followed by certain doom. For main characters Joel and Ellie, the Clicker is a deeply infected, ravenous, and deadly victim of the Cordyceps infection, which overtakes the brain with a fungus that destroys their humanity, blinds them, and leaves them only able to make the horrible clicking sound for which they are named as they prey on the living. Pedro Pascal, who plays Joel in the highly-acclaimed HBO adaptation of the game, injected a bit of humor into the cultural phenomenon that comes with the role when he danced with an actor dressed as a Clicker in a recent video posted on the Instagram account of Saturday Night Live.

Presumably backstage at the popular NBC sketch comedy show, Pedro Pascal is twerking, boogying down with one of the most feared monsters from the show and the games. Fans are used to seeing Joel either evade these dangerous creatures or eradicate them as he seeks to protect his charge, Ellie, who is immune to the Cordyceps infection. Players of the game are on alert whenever they hear the distinctive noise they make, ready to fight them away.

Clickers are the nickname for victims of the third stage of the Cordyceps infection because, by this stage, their brains have been completely eaten by the fungus. Their eyes and throats have also been taken by the infection, leaving them only with a mouthful of huge teeth they use to feed on the flesh of their victims. To see Pedro Pascal dancing with one is contrary to what fans are used to because Clickers don’t think or feel, they simply attack.

the last of us pedro pascal

Between The Last of Us on HBO and The Mandalorian on Disney+, Pedro Pascal has been very busy, so it’s good to see him taking time out to twerk, even if it’s with a terrifying monster that is his worst nightmare on one of his shows. He also has several upcoming projects, including the movie Freaky Tales, which will be helmed by Captain Marvel co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck and will tell a group of interwoven stories that take place in 1980s Oakland. He also recently appeared in the Netflix and Judd Apatow collaboration The Bubble with Karen Gillan and Leslie Mann, and the insane Nicolas Cage action comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.

Although the series has not been out long, The Last of Us has already built enough popularity to prompt its renewal for a second season. That means we will get to see more of Pedro Pascal and co-star Bella Ramsey showing us the bright side of Clickers as they do imitations of them and dance with them. There is also the possibility that by Season 2, we will have seen something even more fear-inducing, and can look forward to bloopers with them instead.