House Of The Dragon Season 2 Return Date Finally Revealed By HBO Boss

House of the Dragon Season 2 will arrive on HBO in 2024.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

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George R.R. Martin’s hit series Games of Thrones created a massive following over its eight seasons. It came as no surprise when the prequel House of the Dragon was announced in 2019, set to follow the lead-up to events in the original series. In a recent report by Variety, HBO Max CEO Casey Bloys lets fans know that they can expect House of the Dragon’s second season to come sometime in 2024. 

While the exact date is yet to be released, Casey Bloys hinted that the show may not be eligible for the 2024 Emmy season. With the Emmy season’s eligibility period ending on May 31, fans can expect House of the Dragon to come sometime after, possibly over the summer.

With the wildly popular first season concluded last October, many fans are left to wonder about the large gap between installments. Content CEO Casey Bloys explained how when creating House of the Dragon, the team chooses to let the scripts decide the right time to release the next installment. Instead of setting a strict schedule for the show, the team goes with the scripts that speak to them, even if that means postponing the series for a while longer. 

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They put a lot into each season from developing episodes, shooting pilots, and writing scripts. It took multiple iterations for the team to come to what was released in the first season of House of the Dragon. To create a second season, all the work will have to be completed again for the next installment to be just as good as the first.  

Many fans have grown to appreciate the show’s stunning visuals, three-dimensional characters, and riveting plots. House of the Dragon is able to deliver amazing episodes time and time again because of the team’s dedication to quality over a strict timeline and frequent releases. With the series’ second season still over a year away, fans will have to be patient in the meantime as the team works to put together their next masterpiece.

House of the Dragon broke records for HBO and was renewed for a second season just five days after its premiere. The show has depth, with multiple characters, wars, and historical events to cover. Even though some thought the Game of Thrones prequel was a crazy idea, the world set forth in the series lends itself well to spin-offs. 

CEO Casey Bloys noted a few other HBO series the studio has considered reviving. Among them was the possibility of a new True Blood; however, the team was not able to create scripts that were worthy of release so the idea has since been put on hold. Bloys also shot down rumors of a Six Feet Under revival which was apparently never on the table. 

The wildly popular series Succession is slated to wrap up after Season 5. Bloys notes there most likely will not be a reboot afterward, citing that the show doesn’t have the depth Game of Thrones did to warrant spin-offs. 

In addition to the highly anticipated House of the Dragon Season 2, fans can expect a few more projects in the works. Director Bong Joon-ho is set to release a TV adaptation of the film Parasite. Another series called The Palace, starring Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, and Andrea Riseborough, is slated to be released later this year.