Game Of Thrones Author’s Best Novel Is Becoming A Movie

George RR Martin's Hunter's Run novel is being turned into a full-feature movie.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

game of thrones george r. r. martin hunter's run

It’s no shock to anyone that Game of Thrones author, George RR Martin continues to hit the nail on the head when it comes to series adaptations of his beloved fantasy novels. Proving that the world of Westeros was just the start of it, Variety reports that George R.R. Martin is turning his beloved sci-fi novel, Hunter’s Run, into a full-length feature production. Exile Content Studio purchased the rights for the title, which marks the beginning of what will be another sure-fire hit for Martin and the book’s co-authors Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham.

In George RR Martin’s latest book-to-screen project, Hunter’s Run follows the galactic adventures of Ramón Espejo, a man who left Earth in hopes of finding a better life, but has only found more of the same monotony on his new home planet. Hoping that another distant dwelling will have the fulfillment that he’s looking for, Ramón embarks on a journey that quickly turns dangerous when he is named the number one suspect in the murder of a politician. His travels will put him face-to-face with an alien race who are also hoping to disappear from the rest of the cosmos.

As he discerns friend from foe, Ramón is on his own to find a new home and prove his innocence while being hunted by the authorities. And then, of course, there’s the protagonist’s mysterious past that forces him to dig deep inside his own psyche to find the truth. George RR Martin, Gardner Dozois, and Daniel Abraham’s Hunter’s Run is a sci-fi epic filled with twists and turns, perfect for a big-screen adaptation. 

Game of Thrones george r. r. martin

A fun and new project and story for George RR Martin to tell, Hunter’s Run is made all that more exciting when you discover that it’s the only of the author’s books to feature a Latino protagonist. In a statement released with the film’s announcement, Martin said that he was “so pleased” that his book was getting the on-screen treatment. He added that he was “bursting with excitement” to see the world of Ramón Espejo travel off the “pages of our book” and make its way into a live-action production. 

Joseph and Mark Raso (Kodachrome) will join George RR Martin and Vince Gerardis to executive produce Hunter’s Run with Mark Raso serving as a director. The brothers also teamed up to co-adapt the book into screenplay form. The duo previously joined forces to bring audiences the Netflix sci-fi movie, Awake

Obviously, George RR Martin has had his hands rather full, so we’re just hoping that the production of Hunter’s Run won’t impede on the creative process of any of his other Game of Thrones spinoff shows, or the release of the long-awaited sixth book in the series, The Winds of Winter. With House of the Dragon being such a major hit for HBO, we’re sure that Exile Content Studio is beaming with pride at its latest rights acquisition and is excited to get the ball rolling on its production. As of right now, Hunter’s Run hasn’t set a release window but stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.