Green Goblin Leaked For Spider-Man 3, See The Villain In Earliest Look

By Jason Collins | Updated

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Following a gigantic breach at Insomniac Games last December, in which hackers stole 1.7 terabytes of data and over a million files, information about canceled and currently developing games has surfaced on the internet. Among the data was the info on The Great Web, a canceled Spider-Man multiplayer game, and the information on the upcoming Spider-Man 3 game—more specifically, the upcoming game’s villain, the Green Goblin.

First Look At The Green Goblin

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The leaked info appears to be from a presentation by Insomniac that’s meant to secure the licensing for the characters, as well as the funding for the next game in the series, Spider-Man 3. This basically confirms what the fans have long suspected, considering just how much the appearance of one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies had been teased in the previous two games. The leaked images show the villain as a green-skinned humanoid wearing a purple-and-black hooded coat, which deviates significantly from his portrayals in the movies.

Spider-Man 3, Venom, And Wolverine

The information about the upcoming game and its villain is still scarce, but the data breach Insomniac suffered revealed just enough to keep fans abuzz. According to the data, Spider-Man 3 will reportedly launch in 2028, but not before Insomniac and Sony release Marvel’s Wolverine—which is supposedly connected to Spider-Man—and yet another unannounced game starring Venom. Naturally, given the shifty state of the gaming industry, these plans are subject to change, and the same applies to the Green Goblin concept art.

The Look Of Goblin Will Likely Change

While this depiction aims for a more traditional Green Goblin, it’s not representative of the final work in Spider-Man 3, so the design might change along the way. In fact, given that the project appears to be in the very early stages of development, it’s entirely possible for Insomniac to course-correct and go with a different villain. However, this is highly improbable, given the amount of attention that the narrative of the previous two games have given to setting up Norman Osborne’s transformation into his villainous bomb-throwing alter-ego .  

Spider-Man 2 Sets The Stage For Green Goblin

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Those who played Spider-Man 2 know that Venom has been forcibly removed from Harry Osborne at a great cost to his life, and while Miles Morales did use his powers to aid Harry, the latter ended up in a coma. Norman Osborne appears to blame the Spider-Man heroes for Harry’s condition, and while he ultimately doesn’t don the Goblin persona in the second game, he does call for a G-Serum to be prepared. In fact, the game’s post-credit scene actually sees Norman awash in green light, teasing Norman’s “ascension” to Green Goblin.

Sony Isn’t In Great Shape

Furthermore, both the prototype of the Green Goblin’s signature glider and mask have been seen in Norman’s penthouse in the first Spider-Man game. All of this sets up Norman as the Green Goblin in the upcoming Spider-Man 3. With everything said, it’s going to be a while before we see any of this materialize, especially now after nearly all studios across Sony’s PlayStation brand were hit with brutal layoffs, including teams working on the recently announced remaster of the original God of War trilogy.