Kate Winslet To Star In New Genre-Bending HBO Series

Kate Winslet has already won two Emmys working on HBO limited series, so why would she not try to go for a third?

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is ready to go back to HBO. After winning an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress with her recent Mare of Easttown for the network and previously another for 2011’s Mildred Pierce, Winslet appears ready to go for the hat trick. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Kate Winslet is set to executive produce and star in a new limited series titled Trust, adapted from the bestselling 2022 novel by writer Hernan Diaz. Winslet and HBO have had a very fruitful partnership so far, so we can hope this latest very high-minded show will follow in those footsteps. 

Trust is Hernan Diaz’s second novel and reportedly is told in four distinct voices, each in their own genre. Fortunately, Kate Winslet already has quite a bit of experience hopping from genres like romantic drama with Titantic to science fiction with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to hallucinogenic psycho-drama with Heavenly Creatures. The Penguin Random House summary of the story places Trust in the Roaring Twenties, centered on a wealthy business tycoon named Benjamin Rask and his aristocratic wife Helen. After being displeased with how the couple is portrayed in a novel inspired by themselves, Benjamin Rask hires a ghostwriter to create his own narrative around their lives (and particularly, his wife). While it is not currently known which role Kate Winslet will be playing, she absolutely could be seen as a troubled socialite or as the secretary slowly discovering the nature of the wealthy people she is working for. 

In addition to the very literary and well-reviewed likes of Trust and Mildred Pierce, Kate Winslet has never been afraid to dive into some genre work. She is set to star in the long-awaited, somewhat-anticipated Avatar: The Way of Water, the second in James Cameron’s promised series of CGI science fiction films. Kate Winslet will be playing a new character named Ronal, who is a diver of the reef people clan on the planet of Pandora. This new James Cameron film is promised to be very aquatic (a career-long obsession with the director), which means that Kate Winslet had to do a great deal of training in real-life diving for the role. Of course, because Kate Winslet never does anything halfway, she reportedly held her breath for an underwater scene for seven minutes, the longest ever recorded for a film.

In addition to Kate Winslet, Avatar: The Way of Water will bring in new characters played by Michelle Yeoh (who is really having a wonderful career resurgence of late), Cliff Curtis, Edie Falco, Jemaine Clement, and Vin Diesel in an undisclosed role. Returning to Pandora will be Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana (who reportedly cried upon seeing footage of the film she is in), Giovanni Ribisi, and Stephen Lang. Apparently, Sigourney Weaver is returning to the film, but not reprising her role from the previous Avatar movie, which is interesting to consider. In any case, soon you will be able to see a blue, underwater CGI version of Kate Winslet and a version of her in the 1920s because it is currently a good time for storytelling.