Avatar 2 Trailer Was Just Edited By Disney

Disney has seen fit to edit the trailer for Avatar 2, after a certain moment might seem a bit too much for the younger audiences. This new trailer will be shown before PG films.

By James Brizuela | Published

avatar 2 trailer

Disney is certainly not shy about editing content they deem as “too adult.” That was the case for most of the Marvel Netflix shows that made their way over to Disney+. However, through massive backlash, they rectified those changes. Now, it appears as if the House of Mouse decided to alter the trailer for Avatar 2. The trailer had broken records in its first 24 hours up, as millions of people tuned in to finally see what James Cameron had been working on for so long. During one of the final moments of the trailer, Jake Sully is shown emerging from the water on an animal with wings. There, he holds a gun, meaning there are likely some far more advanced tech people waiting for his arrival. However, the new trailer being shown during PG releases shows an altered version where Sully is holding a spear. You can see the original moment below:

Disney is always wanting to portray the image of being “family-friendly,” so it makes a ton of sense they are editing out the gun for that reason, despite the film being rated PG-13, which they know about. However, the edit could be because of the rise in school shootings and Disney attempting to take their stand on promoting gun violence of any kind. The edited version of the Avatar 2 trailer is being shown before Lightyear, which has just been released. The word is that the trailer will also be shown before Minions: Rise of Gru. Although editing content is not something that we agree with every time, this one does make sense.

Avatar 2 will be one of the most important films of 2022, so Disney is likely to want to ensure that people of all ages will come to watch the film. Parents might be a bit turned off by the idea of watching the film should their children start questioning why the hero of the story is holding a gun, even though he had done so in the first film. Still, new bright-eyed children will be flocking to see Minions: The Rise of Gru, so it stands to reason they will be fully invested in the colorful and exciting trailer for Avatar 2.

Disney has been busy with content warnings, to ensure that parents are not being blindsided or upset when more adult content is shown. That was part of the deal when shows like Daredevil, Punisher, and Luke Cage came over from Netflix. More strict parental controls and warnings were posted to make sure no one got that upset, even though they still did. That was all the case recently for Obi-Wan Kenobi, which depicted a flashback of Anakin Skywalker killing younglings. Content warnings were part of both those episodes that it occurred in. The Avatar 2 trailer might not be as violent as that, but it’s better to be safe.

Avatar 2 is set to open in theaters in December of this year. James Cameron has further plans for sequels every two years until 2026. With the first film still holding the record in box office sales, he is likely trying to replicate that same success. Disney is just helping the younger generation get more invested in the story by editing out the guns shown in the trailer for Avatar 2.