See The Avatar 2 Trailer Show Off The Seas Of Pandora

By James Brizuela | 4 hours ago

avatar 2 trailer

For those who happened to see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness over the weekend, we were all shocked to see that Disney added the Avatar 2 trailer to the previews. Quite honestly, it was a bit too shocking to focus on what was happening apart from going off memory. Doctor Strange 2 was too wild to go back to giving attention to the quick minute and a half that showed off Pandora again. However, the teaser trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water has officially been released. You can watch the trailer below:

One of the biggest things of note for the Avatar 2 trailer is the lack of dialogue. That is not necessarily a bad thing and hats off to the editing department for landing that aspect. There doesn’t need to be a lot of dialogue as we are meant to be “wowed” by the sheer look of this film. Much like its predecessor, Avatar: The Way of Water looks stunning. Considering the title has water in the title, we are gifted with plenty of images of that fact. There are crashing waves, a whole race of water Na’Vi, or so it seems. An image of a giant whale and seemingly Jake Sully riding the water with it certainly caps off a gorgeous trailer, well that and whatever water animal he seems to be riding at the end of the teaser.

A thing of note is the military presence that we see in the Avatar 2 trailer. The hope is that this film is not going to follow the same formula as the first. That is sort of where the only part of dialogue comes into play. We get quick shots of what appear to be Jake and Neytiri’s children. Also, there could be a human feral child living among them as well. Jake says, “I know one thing, wherever we go, this family is our fortress.” He also embraces what appears to be his daughter and this feral child. Not entirely sure what to make of that, but this child could be raised by the Na’vi, and could be someone who was left after the events of the first film. However, the worry is now the military complex is once again after the Na’vi and Jake must rally the troops to stop the impending threat again, but with water.

James Cameron is planning for additional films in this series, and the Avatar 2 trailer seems to be more of the same, at least at first glance. However, this was only a teaser trailer, so there could be more going on that hasn’t yet been shown. But again, like the film before it, Avatar: The Way of Water looks amazing. That is what everyone is likely to agree on.

The Avatar 2 trailer also indicated that the sequel will be arriving in December. December 17th is the exact date for now and barring any delays, that will likely be when it drops. The next film in the franchise will appear two years after that. Hopefully, we get to see a different Avatar story than the one that has already been delivered.