See Elijah Wood In Yellowjackets Season 2

Elijah Wood looks to be teaming up with Christina Ricci in this first look from Yellowjackets Season 2.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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While many will remember Elijah Wood for his incredible and legendary performance as Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, those of us who have followed the actor since his early days in films like The Good Son will know that he likes to branch out into the weird. While it was first announced several months ago that the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind star would be appearing in the highly anticipated second season of Showtime’s Yellowjackets, we’re finally getting our first look at Wood’s character. In an image posted on Christina Ricci’s Instagram, which you can see below, Citizen Detective Walter (Wood) can be seen standing with his hands on his hips, mirroring Ricci’s Misty Quigley who appears in the same position. 

The duo appears to be hot on the trail of a mystery, as they both look off into the distance with quizzical looks on their faces. Standing on a paved surface with a dense forest behind them as well as two parked cars, it looks like the team is posing in a parking lot. Staying warm, they’re both wearing colorful outfits with Christina Ricci’s character in a bright yellow jacket and Elijah Wood’s Walter in a colorfully striped puffy vest.

While little is known about Elijah Wood’s citizen detective character, we know that he’s happy to get to work by helping to crack whatever case may present itself. Like the other characters in the series, which tells its story through present-time situations as well as flashbacks, Wood’s character will also be fleshed out via time-hops into the past. With Yellowjackets being a special mix of horror, drama, and comedy, we’re sure that Elijah Wood will shine, as the actor is a master at all three genres.

Yellowjackets centers around a group of women who are tied together by a tragic event from their past that saw them as the sole survivors after their soccer team’s plane went down. By blending the present day with the traumas of the past, we see the group of now-adult women come to grips with what happened to them and what’s continuing to plague them.

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Along with Elijah Wood and Christina Ricci, the second season of Yellowjackets will star Melanie Lynskey, Sophie Nélisse, Tawny Cypress, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Juliette Lewis, Sophie Thatcher, Samantha Hanratty, Lauren Ambrose, Liv Hewson, Simone Kessell, Courtney Eaton, Warren Kole, Jack DePew, Alex Wyndham, Charlie Wright, Tonya Cornelisse, Pearl Amanda Dickinson, Rekha Sharma, Steven Krueger, Kevin Alves, Luciano Leroux, Alexa Barajas, Rukiya Bernard, Sarah Desjardins, Nuha Jes Izman, Nia Sondaya, François Arnaud, Nicole Maines, and Jason Ritter. 

As for Elijah Wood, he was most recently spotted on the big screen in Amber Sealey’s crime mystery No Man of God. The actor will soon be seen in the animated Cartoon Network series-turned-film spin-off, The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie, as well as the highly anticipated Macon Blair-helmed reboot of The Toxic Avenger. Outside of Yellowjackets, Wood doesn’t have any television projects lined up.

From The Faculty to Everything Is Illuminated and Cooties, Elijah Wood’s acting chops are unparalleled. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the actor as he heads into the mysterious world of Yellowjackets. The series returns to Showtime on March 26.