DC Universe Now Recasting The Suicide Squad As Well?

James Gunn Tweeted confusingly about whether anyone in the DCU not on the Suicide Squad would be recast.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

suicide squad

The DC Universe has been in a level of unprecedented chaos since James Gunn and Peter Safran were announced as co-CEOs of the newly formed DC Studios by Warner Bros. Discovery, which is impressive, considering. Gunn has caused a new uproar by Tweeting a denial that every DCU character was being cast except the Suicide Squad, though the phrasing he used has caused even more rumors to spread. It is understandable that Peter Gunn is keeping the upcoming ten-year plan for the DCU largely secret, but it is certainly causing a lot of furor only. 

As one can see, James Gunn’s recent Tweet is part of a thread in which he commented that he and Safran knew that their new positions would come with some inherent criticism and unkindness from people online, which is fair enough. In response to a Twitter user referencing the widespread reports that Gunn would be recasting all DC Universe parts except for Suicide Squad member Harley Quinn (portrayed by Margot Robbie), the Guardians of the Galaxy director said that it was untrue and that not everyone was being recast except the Suicide Squad. 

Now, that brings up several issues and possible misreadings of James Gunn’s Tweet vis-à-vis the DC Universe and the Suicide Squad. At the risk of overanalyzing, it straightforwardly seems that Gunn means that it is not true that all members of the DCU except the Suicide Squad are being recast, which is to say it is possible that some DCU actors will stick around and some will go away. However, it also could mean that it is not true that the Suicide Squad is the exception and that some members of Task Force X are also being recast. This is the kind of situation in which a comma is very helpful.

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Another thing that raises some ambiguity about James Gunn’s denial is that it is definite that there has been at least one very significant recasting in the DC Universe already: Henry Cavill as Superman. Although Cavill’s mid-credits cameo in Black Adam (along with Dwayne Johnson’s repeated assertions that we were going to see a lot more of his version of Superman in the future) made many fans hope that he was returning in a more significant role, both the actor and James Gunn have confirmed he is out of the DCU. 

So, if you are keeping score, Gunn says it is untrue that everyone except the Suicide Squad is being recast, except for the people who actually are being recast. To his credit, James Gunn has long been willing to interact with both Marvel and DC fans on social media, answering both minor questions and giving some very broad non-explanations about the major ones. This is one of the latter cases, in which Gunn has given us a statement that just raises more questions than it solved.

At least for now, we know Henry Cavill is out as Superman, Margot Robbie is sticking around, and the Suicide Squad may or may not be recast, depending. Totally clear!