Chris Evans Is Making A Series About The Middle East

By Faith McKay | 1 second ago

Chris Evans

Chris Evans, best known as Captain America, has teamed up with some experts to create a six-part series exploring the history of the involvement of the United States in the Middle East. Evans will be a co-host for the series with Representative Will Hurd, a former CIA operative. The series will be called Influence and Power in the Middle East and begins airing weekly on August 30, 2021.

Each episode of the series will have different guests who are an expert on the country being discussed in that episode. The six countries that the series will focus on include Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, and then Israel. The guests joining hosts Chris Evans and Will Hurd will include ambassadors, high-ranking members of the military, members of Congress, and other politicians. The six countries they chose to cover are all major areas where the United States has had high involvement over recent decades. The episodes will take a look at America’s strategic relationships and the country’s military involvement in these six countries, in the past, present, and future. The guests on the episodes all have experience in shaping the policies for how the United States has formed relationships with these countries.

While all six of these countries are often in headlines in American news, it’s difficult for the average person to say they have a thorough knowledge of what the American military has done in Yemen over the past 40 years. This new series will have Chris Evans offering a history lesson. While a lot of the guests will include Americans working in the regions being discussed, it’s also been promised that people from the individual countries will speak and share their perspective on their country and how decades of instability have shaped their lives and their country.

chris evans captain america

Clearly, Influence and Power In The Middle East will be a major departure from the work Chris Evans has done for Marvel movies. While that may make it sound like he’s moved away from major films and is dedicated to more political projects these days, he’s actually got quite a few things in the pipeline. Chris Evans has a fairly political history on social media. In fact, this new series will be available for streaming on a website he created. On, the actor’s website features videos from elected officials in the United States, highlighting their positions and policy issues. On websites like Twitter, the actor has a history of highlighting his own political views. On, he created a place for information on policy that goes beyond what Evans himself believes. He says it’s a place to “educate, not advocate”.

In other areas of his work, Chris Evans has a role in the Russo Bros movie The Gray Man and was recently briefly spotted in a cameo for Free Guy. He’s all set to be the new voice of Buzz Lightyear for the upcoming film.

Influence and Power In The Middle East will begin airing one episode weekly on August 31, 2021. The series will be available on