See Chris Evans As The Live-Action Buzz Lightyear

By Drew Dietsch | 6 months ago

chris evans captain america

Chris Evans will be lending his talents to the Pixar universe in the upcoming film Lightyear. He has made it very clear that this movie won’t be based on the toy but rather the character that the toy is based on. This led to some amusing responses on Twitter, but it is still interesting to hear that the former Captain America is going to be voicing another hero in the Disney canon. It has even led some fans to wonder what the actor would look like if he took on the role in live-action.

In fact, Instagram artist ApexForm has gone the extra mile and done a piece of fan art that imagines Chris Evans in the role of Buzz Lightyear. Take a look at his mockup of the actor in the role and tell us if you would be interested in seeing a live-action Buz Lightyear movie:

It is definitely going to be fascinating seeing what Chris Evans brings to a very different interpretation of the Buzz Lightyear character. Mainstream audiences mostly know the character only in toy form through the Toy Story movies. However, there was an animated series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, that actually dug into the fictional universe of the character. Whether or not the Pixar film will be using any of that material as a jumping-off point will be intriguing to know. Most likely, this is going to be a completely original riff on the character.

There is an undeniable charm to seeing Chris Evans don a realistic version of the Buzz Lightyear suit. One has to wonder if there will ever be any plans to adapt that character or other animated Pixar characters into live-action. We have seen a number of Disney properties jump from animation to live-action over the years. It probably won’t be long before the same becomes true of the Pixar stable of characters.

With Chris Evans seemingly done with Captain America, could Lightyear signal the beginning of a new franchise for the actor? There is definitely the potential for Pixar to start branching out with their franchises. They are certainly known for their prestige movies – check out our 5-star review of Soul – but they are also getting good at producing franchise entries. Maybe Lightyear will signal the start of a brand new series of films for the studio.


Chris Evans has been able to prove his versatility as an actor. Though most folks will only know him as Captain America, he has been equally (or more) entertaining in movies like Snowpiercer, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Knives Out. There is no question that if he did decide to be a live-action Buzz Lightyear, he would bring his usual entertaining energy to the part. As strange as Lightyear might initially sound, we have nothing but the utmost faith in Evans’s performance.

Lightyear is set to release in theaters on June 17, 2022. We will get our first real idea of what Chris Evans will be bringing to the role sometime next year when we see the first trailer.