Battlestar Galactica Reboot Series Finally Happening From Mr. Robot Creator

By Britta DeVore | Published

You just can’t keep a good thing down, especially when it’s being rebooted by one of the most revered names in the industry. According to The Hollywood Reporter (as per SYFY), Mr. Robot creator, writer, and director Sam Esmail, has given updates surrounding what will now be the third installment (second reboot) of Battlestar Galactica.

Outline For A Reboot?

battlestar galactica

During a recent interview with the outlet while promoting his apocalyptic sci-fi film Leave the World Behind, Esmail said of his take on the beloved series, “We have a great outline and we’re probably going to go to pilot soon.”

This is great news for Battlestar Galactica fans who have put their trust in Esmail to bring the series back to screens everywhere in whatever way he saw fit.

A Fresh Battlestar Galactica Story

Previous comments by the director and writer stated that his version wouldn’t be a reboot of either of the previous titles but would rather focus on a fresh story with presumably new characters.

The project is still aiming for an arrival on Peacock, which tracks as much of SYFY’s content is available on the NBC streamer.

First Series In 1978

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Battlestar Galactica first whizzed its way onto television screens in 1978 through Glen A. Larson’s ABC series, which ran for just one season.

While it started out strong, even moving from a miniseries project to a full season order, by the end of the 24 episodes, excitement over the show had petered out, leading ABC to chop it from the docket.

Believing that there could still be more story to tell (just on a smaller budget), the network tried to rebrand it and launch it as Galactica 80, a move that proved futile with the show only airing ten episodes.

First Battlestar Galactica Reboot

battlestar galactica reboot

Just over two decades later, Ronald D. Moore thought he’d give the series another try, breathing fresh life into the original story in Battlestar Galactica.

Kicking off with a three-hour miniseries, audiences responded positively to the reboot, leading the Sci-Fi Channel to pick up the project and push forward with four full seasons.

Over those installments, audiences watched as humanity attempted to outrun the Cylons on a  journey to find a new home in the farthest reaches of space.

A Fan-Favorite Series

katee sackhoff

There’s no way that any fan of Moore’s Battlestar Galactica can break free from associating names like Edward James Olmos (Miami Vice), Katee Sackhoff (The Mandalorian), Mary McDonnell (The Fall of the House of Usher), and Jamie Bamber (Band of Brothers) from the groundbreaking sci-fi series.

With Esmail keeping plot details under wraps, it’s unclear whether audiences will see any of these classic actors again whether that would mean reprising their roles or stepping into others. 

New Audience?

Beyond crafting a fresh story brimming with new ideas and characters, Esmail knows that it will take a village to restore glory to Battlestar Galactica and rake in a new audience.

Although he will use his vast background of industry experience to aid the show’s creation, he knows it’s important to have other voices on board to help mold the production.

Again, Esmail hasn’t so much as teased who he could see taking the reins, but given his icon in Hollywood, we’re sure that many creatives would love to add their names to the project.