Van Damme Alien Invasion Flick Gets Name Change, Release Date And New Trailer

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I’ll say one thing about Phase 4 Films’ Alien Uprising, formerly known as UFO, but really known as “the alien movie with Jean Claude Van Damme in it.” It needs to hurry up and come out so it can get off of my damned radar already. This film has been alive for two years now, and the more I’m seeing of it, the less I believe that Van Damme will actually have anything to do with it, other than appear to cock a shotgun and then get eaten up Deep Blue Sea-style, just with aliens.


Russell Crowe Says He Saw a UFO, But He Didn’t

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And now, a shortlist of some of this century’s greatest thinkers: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Phil Plait, Steve Jobs, Richard Dawkins, Russell Crowe. Wait, something about that isn’t right. It’s probably Jobs, who was more of a marketing man.

In the early hours of March 6th, Russell Crowe took to Twitter and YouTube with a video that he claimed was of a UFO he caught on camera outside of his office in Woolloomooloo, New South Wales. He then spent the next few hours defending himself as people with their right mind attached politely debunked the shit out of his “evidence.” Take a look at the tweet below, then watch the video that follows. Hold off on judging him until the aliens slip the probe inside.



The India-China Border Is A Hotbed Of UFO Activity

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They’re coming, or maybe they’re already here. Between August 1st and October 15th of this year, there have been more than 100 UFO sightings along the 2100-mile-long border between India and China.

According to reports, “yellowish spheres appear to lift off from the horizon on the Chinese side and slowly traverse the sky for three to five hours before disappearing.” Describing them as unidentified luminous objects (ULOs), military spokespeople have ruled out unmanned drones from China, satellites in low orbits, and various other vehicles, robots, weather balloons, and all the usual suspects.

The Indian army has even brought in “a mobile ground-based radar unit and spectrum analyzer.” I don’t have any idea what that actually means, but they set it up on a mountain top to sneak a peek. Some of the UFOs have been spotted visually, though they don’t show up on any of the sensing equipment, which indicates that, whatever they are, they’re not metallic. Scientists from the Indian Astronomical Observatory have also determined that the ULOs aren’t meteors, planets, or decorative Chinese lanterns (two years ago the Indian air force examined claims of UFOs that turned out to be lanterns).


Jean-Claude Van Damme Faces Off With Aliens In The First UFO Trailer

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Over the course of his a lengthy career, Jean-Claude Van Damme has fought most things that can be fought: crime, gangsters, cyborgs, himself, and let us not forget that rattlesnake from Hard Target. And now he’s set to roundhouse kick an alien invasion in the face in the upcoming sci-fi flick, UFO. Check out the first trailer for Dominic Burns’ British import.


UK Royal Astronomer Says UFO Sightings Are Bunk

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Does extraterrestrial life exist, and if so, has it been to Earth? There is no concrete scientific evidence that would point to a “yes” answer to this question, but UFO enthusiasts firmly believe there is something out there and that it has been here. But as much as this group of people believes and lobbies astronomers to fund this sort of research, not surprisingly a major of the scientists say “no.”

Lord Martin Rees, the official UK Royal Astronomer, tells the Huffington Post that UFOs do not exist but commends their believers for their sincerity and passion. Although the subject is of great interest, there is no scientific evidence that says otherwise.

“We should look by all possible techniques,” Rees said. “We’ve no idea what’s out there, and so we should look for anything that might seem to be some sort of artifact rather than something natural.”


Americans Believe President Obama Is More Suited To Deal With An Alien Invasion Than Mitt Romney

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In a recent study the National Geographic Channel found that nearly 65% of American’s surveyed think President Barack Obama would be better equipped to handle an alien invasion than probable Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney. 

Why the confidence in Obama? If there were an Alien invasion most believe we should try to befriend the aliens rather than go to war with them, which is probably why most feel President Obama would be better suited to deal with this situation. It seems as though President Obama would give a more personal touch by taking more of a diplomatic approach to Earth’s would-be alien visitors. Perhaps Americans feel Romney is too much of a stuffed shirt to deploy an unifying solution where Americans and aliens can benefit from each other.

The study also states 80 million Americans believe UFOs exist and 1 in 10 of those believe they’ve seen them at one point in their lifetime. The survey continues to state 17% of Americans don’t believe UFOs exist, while 36% think they do, and 48% aren’t sure what to think.

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