See A UFO Floating In The Sky Above Chicago

There was some kind of UFO in the skies over Chicago recently, and a woman and her son caught it on camera!

By Michileen Martin | Published

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Chicago! Visit Millennium Park! Get some deep dish pizza! Watch a freaky UFO hover in the sky!

That’s what a woman named Aiyana and her son saw while hanging out on the roof of their home in Chicago. Posted by Pen News, the video Aiyana and her son recorded shows a strange, long, black object hovering in the sky. Asking her last name to be withheld, Aiyana described the object as “a ball of some sort with two long strings or belts hanging from it.” She added that the “strings” had what looked to be some kind of knobs. She felt confused, she said, “and a bit creeped out” and neither her nor her son had any idea what they were looking at. She claimed the object seemed to “float slowly southeast,” and that it traveled a few miles in 20 minutes. You can watch the video Aiyana and her son recorded below.

Aiyana told Pen News she shared the video with UFO watchers online. While at least one person responding said it looked like some kind of balloon, just about all the responders were confused about the object’s apparent lack of movement. Chicago is known, after all, as the “windy city” and yet the object doesn’t seemed disturbed by any kind of wind. Another responder compared it to something hanging from a helicopter, except without the helicopter. Yet another person said it looked like a “floating sex swing.”

Aiyana isn’t the only person left without answers. Last month, the Mitchells were driving through Keokuk, Iowa when they spotted a glowing, fast-moving object in the sky and recorded it, as reported by The Sun. While you can hear the daughter of the driver, Jay Mitchell, excitedly proclaim that it’s a UFO, her mother assures her it must be a plane or a drone. After posting the video online, Mitchell was contacted by a number of locals who claimed they had been seeing similar strange activity in the sky for a while.

As UFO sightings seem to be ramping up, the government is looking for answers. In September it was reported sections of two proposed intelligence appropriation bills were devoted to the study of UFOs. The first is the the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022, part of which calls for all elements of the intelligence community to forward all data on UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) to the UAP Task Force. The second is the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022, into which Democratic congressman Ruben Gallego of Arizona introduced a section establishing a new office under the authority of the Secretary of Defense to study UFOs.

Of course, there’s one man who has a lot of experience with aliens and that’s Star Trek‘s Captain Kirk. He’s not real, of course, but the next best thing — William Shatner, the actor who played Kirk — may just be in spitting distance of some UFOs fairly soon. Blue Origin confirmed earlier this week that Shatner will be one of the next four people going up in New Shepard: the same ship the carried Jeff Bezos into space.

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