See The UFO Spotted At A Strip Club

A phenomenon that scientists describe as "light pillars" made spectators see a UFO above the Sapphire Las Vegas club.

By TeeJay Small | Published

ufo close encounters

A UFO appeared to be hovering over a strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada last week for over 20 minutes, according to viral videos being circulated on Twitter. The poster, @HotHeadBrett is a manager for Sapphire Las Vegas, and claims he’s never seen such a phenomenon before. The videos show many people running outside to inspect the unidentified flying object, in a scene reminiscent of Roland Emmerich’s 1996 sci-fi film Independence Day. Luckily, the Christmas weekend patrons of Sapphire were spared the gruesome fate of the monuments beneath the alien spacecraft of the movie.

During the time spent hovering over the gentlemen’s club, the UFO didn’t make a sound or appear to make any sudden movements, perhaps unloading a host of alien inhabitants out of the craft into the VIP section via tractor beam. The UFO in question can be seen shrouded by a gray cloud in the video, but clearly reflects lights off its colorful surface as the Las Vegas spotlights spin around the night sky.

Onlookers can be heard exclaiming in the videos that the phenomenon is strange and unexplainable, and several people can be heard attempting to rationalize the image with one another as a government aircraft or weather phenomenon.

So what is the official explanation for this UFO? An Area 51 experiment gotten loose? Visitors from another planet? A publicity stunt to draw attention to the Sapphire club? According to an unnamed source at the National Weather Service, the UFO is nothing more than a weather condition called “light pillars” occurring due to the colder-than-normal temperatures in Las Vegas as yet another in a long string of climate change events.

Light pillars consist of a series of highly reflective ice crystals which dangle in the atmosphere during very specific weather patterns. According to data from the National Weather Service, the area was experiencing unusually low nighttime temps during the week of December 23rd, when the videos were taken.

So we may be out of luck in the way of making contact with foreign alien species from far across the cosmos, creating a Star Wars cantina right here in sunny Nevada, but many people don’t believe the NWS, claiming their source has been sent by the government to cover up the truth. The initial UFO video has over one million views on Twitter alone, not counting the endless shares and reposts which have garnered enough eyes to grow a following of social media users fully convinced that Thanos has arrived. Leave it to a meteorologist to ruin all the fun.

Of course, if you’re an investigator of all things unidentified and paranormal, this could be just the excuse you need to slip away for a quick New Year alien hunt and check for additional UFOs or orbital satellites while getting a lap dance from a working woman at Sapphire. Just don’t dig too deep, or the X-Files scenario could have you ensnared in a conspiracy that goes all the way to slightly above the bottom.