Congress Says UFO “Threats” Are Increasing

The government has been slowly revealing that the possibility of UFOs could be a viable threat to the world, which means that aliens might be real.

By Mark McKee | Published

Scientists Think We Are About To Discover Alien Life

ufo hearings

Aliens have been a part of our society for decades. No, not the lizard people in the White House, at least we don’t think. No, we’re talking about the thousands of sightings of UFOs that have been reported since the 1950s. Of course, they didn’t start in the 1950s; reported sightings go back as far as man has documented. There are even hieroglyphics that some people believe depict ancient Egyptians seeing unidentified flying objects. However, since the mystery of Roswell, New Mexico, people have reported sightings at a much faster rate than ever before. Whether it is advancing technology or lessening a stigma, the sightings are getting more and more common. Now a new report has surfaced that shows an alarming change in the United States Government’s position, the recognition that not all UFOs are man-made. 

If you missed this revelation, you would be forgiven. It took place in a budgetary report, which is a lot like reading the back of a fertilizer bag to procrastinate doing work in the garden. However, deep in the report, UFO researcher Douglas Johnson noticed some alarming comments that could change how we think about the government and aliens. The document states that “transmedium threats to the United States National Security are expanding exponentially.” It also calls for the government to distinguish what is manufactured and what isn’t. While this doesn’t say the government knows or believes in the existence of extra-terrestrials, it indicates an openness about the concept we haven’t seen before.

In 1947, UFO fever took over the country when a rancher found some unexplained wreckage in his field. He took it to a local sheriff, who in turn took it to the regional Roswell Army Air Field. The reports went out that the military had recovered a “flying disk,” only to have the statements reversed by the army the next day. They then claimed it wasn’t a “flying disk” but a weather balloon that crashed. Wild conspiracy theories became commonplace, even suggesting that the debris was taken to Area 51, where they still study aliens to this day. In 1994, the United States Air Force admitted the weather balloon story was a cover. They said then that it was actually a part of Project Mogul. The goal was to create a spy device that used balloons and microphones to float over the USSR and detect soundwaves from a stealth distance. While the report offered an explanation and could have squashed the conspiracy theories, it only fueled the fire that the government lied. That lie led many people to believe that more was going on.

By their definition, a “transmedium” threat is one that can move seamlessly between air, land, or water. The budget would allow for the creation of a government agency called the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office to investigate these phenomena. While none of this is an admission of the existence of aliens, it does challenge NASA‘s typical refusal to acknowledge the possibility. Maybe now that the government is opening itself up to the possibility of UFOS, we could see more leaked videos. The Pentagon could admit its involvement with gathering information on these threats too.