See UFOs Caught On Video Near The International Space Station

Check out the video of a UFO spotted near the International Space Station. Are these little green men on more recon missions in our area?

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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UFO speculation and sightings have only seemed to ramp up over the last couple of years. Long a bastion of conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hat wearers, UFOs have clearly entered the mainstream consciousness now with even the government releasing what they “know” about the unexplained objects in the sky. The latest video comes directly from the International Space Station feed which is broadcasting a view of the nighttime sky. The video deals with two separate “incidents” happening over separate occasions in the last month. They show odd lights flashing across the sky which can’t necessarily be explained with conventional reasoning. 

In the video below, uploaded by YouTuber MrMBB333, we are treated to two separate videos that deal with possible UFO sightings. The first is from a citizen using the sky camera over their house. That camera picks up some flashes in the sky that go on for around five hours. Whether this is the actual sighting of a UFO or a weather phenomenon isn’t totally clear. Then, about halfway through the video, we are treated to the shots from the International Space Station on September 9, 2021. This one shows some shots more in line with traditional UFO sightings. Check it out:

The International Space Station UFO video picks up at about the 4:30 mark and shows a number of weird flashes in the sky. The shots were during some transitional times (day to night, night to day) and show an odd, brightly lit orb moving on a consistent pattern and line across the screen. The video then “corroborates” this sighting with folks on the ground in Greensboro, NC who claim to have captured a daytime shot of a longer, cylindrical white object moving across the blue sky. Apparently, this would have lined up with whatever the International Space Station was picking up on its feed. The user who uploaded the video compared it to the looks of a “submarine” but actually moving through the sky. 

Now is this UFO footage proof of extraterrestrials flying around us in the night sky? Probably not quite, but it continues the ramp-up in sightings around the globe in recent years. There is undoubtedly more attention being turned to space in general and with that the idea that we aren’t alone in the cosmos. Heck, just a couple of months ago folks thought that they had spotted a full fleet of UFOs near the International Space Station as well. These involved multiple lights in the sky, some in a line pattern that were tough to explain though some attributed them to space junk or a trick with the lens. 

Of course, over the summer the US Government made public the information it had on possible UFO sightings over the years. While this wasn’t the treasure trove of conspiracy theory evidence some were hoping for, there were for sure some unexplained happenings out there. Some involved military pilots tracking objects in the sky that didn’t behave at all like standard aviation technology we know. Others involved radar tracking of objects that had no real-world comparison. So there is no telling what is actually out there and what might be trying to do a little recon around Earth. What do you think? Was what we saw from the International Space Station the real UFO deal?