A Fleet Of UFOs Spotted Near The International Space Station

By Faith McKay | 1 week ago


A lot of the UFO sighting reports out there happen from the ground. After all, recreational space travel isn’t affordable for most of us. At least, not yet. However, now, we have a lot more cameras in space. At any given time, you can generally find a live stream showing an active view of space. There are many people out there who watch these streams, either for live events, for the opportunity to stare into the cosmos, or for the sake of UFO hunting. One such hunter, known as Jeff, was watching NASA’s live feed from the International Space Station (ISS) when he spotted 10 unidentified flying objects hovering near the ISS.

Jeff took a screenshot of the live feed. He then passed his findings on to a YouTuber known as Michael, who posted a quick video showing the UFOs.

The screenshot was taken on July third at 8:30 AM, EST. The International Space Station was orbiting over the South Atlantic at the time. Since the screenshot was first shared, many theorists have shared their own videos with explanations for what the ten UFOs may be. Online commenters have also chimed in. Some have speculated that the objects could just be space junk, that they could be aliens, that it could be specks on the camera lens, or that it could be Starlink satellites. Starlink’s satellites have often been spotted in the sky from the ground and raised many questions for those who’ve seen them. They create quite a unique sighting, since they are often bright objects moving in a line across the sky. You can see a video of Starlink statellites passing by below.

They are not always seen so clearly or in such a long line. They’re intended to be something we don’t actually spot while they’re in orbit, but they appear often enough and leave unaware people on the ground awestruck. Many of the UFO sightings from 2020 have turned out to be Starlink satellite sightings in the end. Currently, there are over 1,700 satellites for Starlink in orbit.

But is that what we’re seeing in the International Space Station screenshot? NASA hasn’t released any comments about the screenshot, despite the fact that this news has gone viral online.

It’s an exciting time for UFO hunters. This year saw the United States government release a report on unidentified flying objects. While that report has raised a lot of questions about how much the government is actually doing to figure out what these flying objects are, the surrounding conversation offers a lot of hope for UFO hunters who want to see more progress made in getting answers. At the same time that the Pentagon is speaking up, Hollywood is jumping into the conversation as well. Demi Lovato announced that they are now hunting UFOS in their own docu-series they’ll be filming with friends. Producer and director JJ Abrams is also on the hunt. With so many online communities bringing UFO hunters together, perhaps more answers will come for these sightings soon.