Ex-Military Chief Saw UFOs Fire Lasers At Nuclear Missiles

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

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Those folks who live in fear of an alien invasion, dreading the thought of hordes of flying saucers descending down on us in a futuristic attack aren’t going to want to hear this. But a former military official is making some startling claims about what he once saw regarding UFOs and our nuclear arsenal. Sure, it was decades ago and we’ve been “safe” ever since, but if aliens were targeting our weapons then we might be in real trouble in the future. That being said, if UFOs were able to infiltrate our air space then we likely have some pretty big issues anyway, nuclear weapons or not. 

This UFO claim comes from Dr. Robert Jacobs, a former US Air Force First lieutenant. He was giving a talk at the National Press Club in Washington, DC (via the New York Post) and talked about a wild experience he had back in the mid-1960s. Jacobs recounted a time when he allegedly witnessed a UFO targeting a nuclear missile test that he was in charge of photographing and taping. 

Apparently, according to Jacobs, the initial test and picture taking were a success. It wasn’t until the next day when they watched the footage back did they notice something odd. Jacobs said that during the missile’s flight path, a flying disc, much like a UFO started trailing the missile and shot four beams of light at it while it climbed up into the air. He says the object was flying at 8,000 miles per hour and moved on and off camera while they were watching the footage. 

Jacobs went on to say that because of this potential UFO sighting, he believed he was part of a government coverup to make sure the information never got out to the public. Jacobs says he was not-so-gently reminded by the folks in the suits who were also watching the footage to never let anything of this slip. And then one said that the one scenario where he could flap his gums would be if he was being tortured. Okie-Dokie. Those in the room at the time believed this to be UFO laser tracking on the missile. The one issue being, according to Jacobs, that there was no such thing as laser tracking at the time. Unless you were an alien with a UFO of course. 

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This talk of alien scout missions to laser tag our nuclear warheads in action might be a little farfetched. After all, it’s been decades and decades since this alleged occurrence and it sure seems like the nuclear arsenals, for better but mostly worse, are still functioning. One would think that if aliens and their UFOs were at all concerned or even still here something more concrete would have happened since then. But the heightened awareness around UFOs has only ramped up because of the release of government documents in the last year detailing unexplained phenomena in our skies. 

And the instances of folks reporting to have seen UFOs in our own skies have only ramped up over the last couple of years as well. Maybe it’s more because of the public consciousness around the possibility. Or maybe we are getting scoped out for an attack. Either way, we aren’t likely to see this kind of thing die down anytime soon.