See A UFO-Shaped Craft Delivered To Secret Research Facility

Check out the video of a UFO-shaped craft being delivered on the back of a truck to a secret aircraft research facility in California

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


It’s one thing to claim to see UFOs flying around in the air in the night sky, little blips of light that might be moving in an odd way against the backdrop of stars. We are all used to those kinds of “sightings” with the UFO rhetoric and fervor only seem to be dialing up late. But what about when you see a possible UFO just getting towed around on the back of a flatbed truck on that way to a secret research facility? That’s when the whole thing starts to feel just a little more real. 

A video recently cropped up on TikTok and then spread to other platforms of an oddly-shaped aircraft being towed into a Lockheed Martin facility in the Mojave Desert. It looks like a stealth craft of some type, possibly flipped upside down, and doesn’t have much in the way of overlap with conventional flying objects we’ve seen humans create. This thing looks decidedly like a UFO and extraterrestrial in its contours and design. It has that edgeless mold that you could picture as a part of an alien space force that’s come to Earth to take us over. Here, check out what I mean:

Some internet sleuthing reported that this UFO was on its way into the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works headquarters in Palmdale, California. Skunk Works is the name the company uses for their secret research facilities that work on “Advanced Development Programs”. They’ve been commissioned by the US government and military in the past to build a variety of different crafts including spy planes and other stealth technology. It is a secretive venture, kept under very tight wraps which makes a lot of sense considering they are dealing with technology that is meant to be covert. But a UFO on a truck? That might be a different story. 

Though this craft looks very much like a UFO, it stands to reason that we are just looking at one of their prototypes. It wouldn’t make sense for the company to be delivering an actual UFO uncovered in broad daylight, even if they didn’t think anyone was looking. This is, after all, a pretty secretive company. It would be a massive error in judgment to just have a UFO out there for all to see. 

While this object spotted near Lockheed Martin isn’t likely a UFO, but rather a new craft based on some other kind of space-age design, it doesn’t mean there haven’t been more sightings out there recently. A video cropped up a couple of weeks ago showing unusual lights and patterns around the International Space Station. It was tough to discern but there was the feeling that this was another sighting. And some folks on the ground had somewhat corroborating evidence of an odd object in the sky that could have been a UFO. 

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What do you think about this craft heading into the secret research facility? Are we looking at an actual UFO or Lockheed trying to copy the design of one for its own stealth use? Or maybe it’s just a hunk of metal on the truck. I’ll put my tinfoil hat on and say full-blown UFO.