Glowing Green UFO Spotted Flying Over Canada, Seen From Multiple Planes

By Kristi Eckert | 41 mins ago

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UFOs and extraterrestrials have been a speculative and heavily covered part of science, science-fiction, and popular culture for countless decades. Eyewitness accounts like those that stemmed from Roswell, New Mexico to movies and television shows like the classic E.T. or The X-files and now even government confirmation of the undoubtable existence of UFOs all contribute to the global interest in the mysterious phenomena. Now, according to, the newest accounts have been reported by two separate pilots who saw a bright green UFO flying and then quickly disappearing into the clouds. 

The UFO sightings happened on the evening of July 30th and were witnessed at the same time by two different pilots. One pilot was flying a military aircraft and the other a commercial plane. Both pilots were flying off the Atlantic coast of Canada near the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Vice News detailed that the pilots had said they saw the vivid green object flying over the Atlantic between the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland. 

However, Stephen Watkins, a research consultant that focuses on misinformation relating to UFO aircraft, responded to the reports with a conflicting tweet that suggested that what the pilots saw could have been the start of the Perseid Meteor Shower, the first shower of the summer to be followed by seven more throughout the year. In his tweet, Watkins referenced CNN, who reported that meteors from the shower would have been visible in that general geographical location starting as early as July 23rd. 

Even though the incident was reported, it is unlikely that the Canadian government will look any further into it. said that “Unlike the U.S. defense department, Canada’s Department of National Defense does not track UFO sightings…”. Thus, unless another similar sighting happens on US soil, it is unlikely that we’ll receive any further official information regarding that particular UFO. 

Since the release of that initial Pentagon confirmation, there has certainly been an uptick in reported sightings across the US and, arguably so, has generated even more interest in the eternally cloaked phenomena. Just two months ago, Giant Freakin Robot reported that there had been an entire fleet of UFOs spotted near the International Space Station that UFO hunting enthusiasts initially noticed. Even sci-fi film Icon J.J. Abrams is jumping wholeheartedly onto the bandwagon of investigating UFOs. Abrams is well known for working on the new Star Wars trilogy, the newest Star Trek films, and even the cult-classic spy-fi Alias, so it seems very fitting that he is currently working on a docu-series for Showtime that will fervently examine UFOs and the accounts and theories that have sprung out of their existence. 

Whether or not any further concrete information pertaining to the existence of UFOs and whether or not they are piloted by extraterrestrial life forms will come to light in the current world populous’ lifetime remains to be seen. What is certain, however, is that they will continue to boast a significant presence both within popular and scientific culture alike.