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Jedi: Fallen Order


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dead by daylight

Dead By Daylight Is Bringing In The Best Resident Evil Villain?

Dead by Daylight has offered some of the best horror crossovers in video games, and now they are hinting at bringing in the best Resident Evil villain.

2 years ago


See Smite Add The World’s Biggest Metal Band As Playable Characters

Smite is not done with adding some of the best crossover events in video game history, as have now released the world’s biggest metal band as playable characters.

2 years ago

fall guys

See Fall Guys Go Even More Chaotic And Free In Brand-New Trailer

Fall Guys, the best party game, has announced a new free-to-play version is coming to all consoles and PC in a brand-new chaotic trailer.

2 years ago

assassin's creed valhalla

Ubisoft Is Bombarding PlayStation With Its Own Subscription Service

Ubisoft plans to bombard PlayStation with a subscription service for the new PS Plus model, and an additonal subscription that will release sometime this year.

2 years ago

fifa 2022

FIFA Has Lost The Biggest Sports Game Publisher?

FIFA may be in a bit of trouble after it announced its split from EA. The soccer collective may have already lost out on working with the next biggest sports game developer.

2 years ago

superman multiversus

See Superman Save The Day In New Super Smash Bros Clone

Superman saves the day along with a host of the best Warner Bros characters in a new fighting game that will do it best to hang with Super Smash Bros.

2 years ago

1980s max headroom

Fortnite Has Added The Best 1980s Action Icon In A New Crossover Event

Fortnite is known for bringing in some of the biggest characters from all manner of pop culture as skins, and that is the case for the new 1980s action icon that can be purchased.

2 years ago

dying light

A Crucial Dying Light 2 Element Has Been Delayed

Fans of Dying Light 2 are set to be disappointed, as Techland has announced that a crucial and anticipated element of the game is being delayed.

2 years ago

Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights Has Made A Terrible Decision Ahead Of Release

Gotham Knights is a highly anticipated DC title that fans are clamoring to get their hands on, however, a terrible decision has been made by the video game developer.

2 years ago

electronic arts fifa 22 EA

FIFA Has Revealed Game Plans After Historic Breakup With EA

FIFA has ended its relationship with EA after 30 years, and now the soccer collective has announced its plans for video games moving forward.

2 years ago

gotham knights sony

See Gotham Knights Show Off Two Of The Best Heroes In New Gameplay Demo

Gotham Knights has officially dropped an extended look video at new gameplay for the upcoming DC title, inlcuding a deeper look at two of the best heroes.

2 years ago

duke nukem forever art

See The Shocking Footage From An Abandoned Duke Nukem Game

Duke Nukem was meant to have a sequel in 2001, but that game build got stuck in developmental hell. Now a fan has released footage of that former abandoned title.

2 years ago

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Is In Trouble After Messy Launch

Halo Infinite is once again in trouble for a messy launch, as 343 Inudstries president took to Twitter to make fans aware that he knows how buggy the multiplayer currently is.

2 years ago

mafia 4

Is Mafia 4 In Trouble?

Mafia 4 is currently in the early stages of developement, but now the new title might be facing some serious issues due to the studio that develops it.

2 years ago

Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game Has Been Hit With A Surprising Delay

Evil Dead: The Game is an anticipated title that sees players take on the role of Ash among many characters in the franchise, however, the game was recently hit with a delay.

2 years ago

halo infinite

Halo Infinite Adds One Of The Weirdest Crossover Characters

Just when game crossovers couldn’t get weirder, an oddball character from the deep history of Microsoft has been added to Halo Infinite.

2 years ago

prince of persia

The Long-Awaited Prince Of Persia Remake Is In Trouble?

The Prince of Persia remake was announced some time ago, but now there is more news that might add more trouble for the anticipated title.

2 years ago

overwatch 2

The Overwatch 2 Beta Is Set To Receive A Shocking Amount Of Content

Blizzard is not shying away from content, as it has been announced that the Overwatch 2 beta is going to be receiving plenty of new features and gear.

2 years ago

Kingdom Hearts 4

Square Enix Is Selling Its Biggest Studios And Games For A Highly Controversial Reason

Square Enix is currently selling off some of its most imporantant studios and game IPs, as is prepares to invest in a controversial craze.

2 years ago

microsoft Xbox

Xbox Announces Its First Massive Game Showcase

Xbox Game Studios and partners are expected to reveal a number of highly-anticipated titles, starting with Xbox’s Starfield, and…

2 years ago

elden ring

Elden Ring Has Fixed A Huge Issue With The Hardest Boss

Elden Ring is known for having some of the toughest boss battles in any game, and an update made the game’s toughest boss invincible. Now a furhter update has fixed that.

2 years ago

disney dreamlight valley

See The New Disney Game That Lets You Create Your Own Magical Kingdom

Disney Dreamlight Valley is set to be released, and players can create their own Magical Kingdom that will be populated with some of the best Disney characters.

2 years ago

call of duty

The Most Famous Call of Duty Map Is Now a Real-Life Course

Call of Duty has been around for a long time, and as such, the game has released some iconic maps. Now the most popular map has been turned into a sports course.

2 years ago

dying light 2

See The New Dying Light 2 Update That Completely Changes The Game

Dying Light 2 is now rolling out a massive update that is going to be bringing in a fan-favorite mode and much more that will alter the gameplay in a huge way.

2 years ago

microsoft activision-blizzard

Activision Blizzard QA Employees Set To Vote On Massively Important Matter

Activision Blizzard has continued to make the headlines, as it has been stated that a subsidiary of the company will vote for a historically important decision.

2 years ago

just dance ubisoft

One Of The Biggest Gaming Companies Is Now Up For Sale

Acquiring new gaming studios is the new norm, and it has now been revealed that one of the biggest studios in the world could be sold very soon.

2 years ago

skate 4

Is Skate 4 Finally On The Way?

The Skate series is one of the biggest fan-favorite franchises, and new footage has been leaked that might point to Skate 4 finally being made.

2 years ago


See The First Amazing Look At Ubisoft’s Project Q

Ubisoft is working on a new game that emulates a team battle situation. This new game is called Project Q, and now the world has been given a first look at this upcoming title.

2 years ago

grand theft auto 5

GTA 5 Next-Gen Update Removes Controversial Characters And Dialogue After Public Outcry

So Rockstar Games decided to remove them from GTA 5 — though the company hasn’t publicly stated the motivation behind their decision.

2 years ago