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Jedi: Fallen Order


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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky Gets Extremely Star Trek Update

No Man’s Sky continues to give fans a massive amount of free updates, and the newest update has added some elements that look like they were pulled from Star Trek.

2 years ago

fall guys

Fall Guys Developers Send An Oddly Sexual Gift To Players For Free

The Fall Guys developers have come under scrutiny after a new bug has caused random in-game purchases for players, and now they have apologized with an odd sexual gift.

2 years ago

skate 4

Skate 4 Announced With A Completely Revamped Way To Play The Game

Skate 4 has finally been announced, but EA has shocked the world by changing up the way the new sequel is going to be played for the foreseeable future.

2 years ago


Ubisoft Removing Games and DLC Even If You Own Them

Ubisoft might have some answering to do, after it has been found out that the company is removing purchased games and DLC from players that purchased the game.

2 years ago

hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima Threatens Legal Action After Being Linked To An Assassination

In one of the strangest occurrences, Hideo Kojima and his production company have threatened legal action against people linking the man to an assassination.

2 years ago


Forspoken Has Been Given A Crushing Delay

Forspoken was meant to be a big title released this year, but the game has sadly been given a crushing delay, adding itself to the long list of delayed entries.

2 years ago

video games

The Video Game Recession Is On The Way

The pandemic saw massive growth in those wanting to play video games, however, recent data is showing that a video game recession is now on the way.

2 years ago


Bethesda Has Hired Modders Who Improved Their Most Popular Game

Bethesda is doing things right, as it has been announced the gaming giant has hired some modders who created a fantastic look mod for the most popular game.

2 years ago

sly cooper

The Fate Of Sly Cooper Has Been Decided

Sucker Punch has been busy developing their games, one being the massively succesful Ghost of Tsushima, which has led to the ultimate decision on Sly Cooper.

2 years ago

skull & bones

Ubisoft’s Long-Awaited Skull & Bones Release Date Has Been Revealed

After long last, and plenty of developmental issues, it has been revealed that Skull & Bones is finally getting a release date on Xbox.

2 years ago

hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima Abandoned A Game After It Was Too Similar To A Huge TV Show

Hideo Kojima is arguably the best game writer in the world. The man had been busy working on a new concept but abandoned it when it came out too similar to a huge TV show.

2 years ago

sonic origins

Is Sonic Origins In Trouble?

Sonic Origins has officially been released, but there have been rumblings of poor output, and that was reiterated by the game’s developers recently.

2 years ago

scarface 2

See The Wild Gameplay From The Canceled Scarface 2 Sequel

A Scarface 2 sequel was reportedly well into development before it had been canceled, and now gameplay from the canceled sequel has appeared online.

2 years ago

elden ring hogwarts legacy

The Next FromSoftware Game Is Almost Finished?

FromSoftware might still be working on Elden Ring, but the company is hinting at the fact that its newest entry might be close to finished.

2 years ago

xbox game pass

Xbox Game Pass Is Offering Some Huge Titles For The Summer

Whoa, look at these games!

2 years ago

michael jackson

Michael Jackson Confirmed To Have Worked On An Iconic Video Game Soundtrack

It has now been confirmed that Michael Jackson was part of composing the music for one of the most iconic video games ever made.

2 years ago

capcom dragon's dogma 2

One Of The Best RPGs Is Finally Getting A Sequel

During a livestream event that took place yesterday, Capcom had announced that a long awaited sequel for one of the best RPGs is finally happening.

2 years ago

tmnt: shredder's revenge

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge Will Launch Without An Important Element

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge has dropped, and has some good reviews, but its missing an important element that may stay gone.

2 years ago


Xbox Is Set To Partner With Legendary Game Creator

In one of the most surprising moves in the gaming industry, it was announced that Xbox would be making an exclusive game with one of the most celebrated developers.

2 years ago

resident evil 8

See The Surprising Character You Will Play As In New Resident Evil 8 DLC

Fans of Resident Evil 8 were treated to a new reveal for the upcoming DLC pack that is set to release in October and features a surprising protagonist.

2 years ago

prince of persia

The Prince of Persia Remake Is In Even Bigger Trouble

The Prince of Persia remake has steadily been getting worse news every time an update has been provided, and now the game seems to be in even more trouble.

2 years ago

street fighter 6

See The Hilarious Function Added To Street Fighter 6 Multiplayer Mode

Street Fighter 6 has debuted the first look for the newest game in the storied fighting game franchise, and now a new and hilarious function has been released.

2 years ago

sonic frontiers

See The First Look At The New Open World Sonic The Hedgehog Game

Sonic Frontiers has finally debuted some of the gameplay for this open world Sonic adventure, and from the small snippet of footage, it looks amazing.

2 years ago


See Marvel’s Cancelled Massively Multiplayer Online Game

There was once a Marvel MMO being worked on, but it has sadly been canceled as of last week, and now we have been given the first look images at the canceled title.

2 years ago

microsoft Xbox

Xbox CEO Perfectly Responds To Historic Change In Gaming

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer had a surprisingly awesome response to one of the most momentous changes in gaming history.

2 years ago

the sims 4

The Sims 4 Has Added A Hugely Important Feature

The Sims 4 is continuing to evolve the franchise by making this people simulation as real as possible, and they have achieved this by adding a huge feature.

2 years ago

microsoft activision-blizzard

Activision Blizzard’s QA Workers Win A Historic Decision

A historic decision was made as QA workers for Activision Blizzard, Raven Software, passed the vote to become unionized, which could change game design forever.

2 years ago

call of duty modern warfare 2

See The Character Reveal and Release Date For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has officially been revealed, as a character trailer has come out showcasing the sequel and the long-awaited release date.

2 years ago

microsoft Xbox

Xbox Has Achieved A Huge Record For The First Time Ever

PlayStation 5 fought valiantly, but the Xbox offered better service and overall availability on the current market, overpowering the giant, and taking its place as the new King of the Gaming Hill

2 years ago

battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Is Throwing Away One Of Its Worst Elements

Battlefield 2042 has had some clear isseues from the moment that it launched, and one of those issues is now being taken out completely.

2 years ago