Xbox Is Set To Partner With Legendary Game Creator

By Jason Collins | 18 seconds ago


In a surprising announcement at Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase, the legendary video game creator, Hideo Kojima, is partnering with Xbox on a gaming title that will leverage Xbox’s gaming technology for an entirely new gaming experience. Needless to say, the news enthused Xbox and PC gamers as they’re finally getting their own Kojima exclusive, while hundreds of thousands of angry PlayStation fan-persons petition for the upcoming project’s cancellation.

As reported by IGN, the Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding creator, Hideo Kojima, said that they’re still in the early stages of a new gaming concept that will incorporate Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology and change the gaming industry’s trends — at least in some capacity. Unfortunately, the details are still scarce, and besides Kojima Production and Microsoft’s announcements regarding the new collaboration, we haven’t got anything resembling a title, let alone a gameplay showcase.

This is truly great news for Xbox Game Pass gamers since Kojima Productions made some iconic gaming titles, like Metal Gear Solid 3 and Death Stranding, which were initially PlayStation exclusives before the latter found its way to PC nearly a year after the initial release for PS4. The transition of Sony exclusives to PC started out as Sony’s attempt to expand its market and stay relevant to Microsoft’s Xbox console, which finally outsold PlayStation in PS’s home market.

Sony’s actions were warmheartedly welcomed by the Xbox and PC gamers, who finally got access to PlayStation exclusives such as Kojima’s Death Stranding on the PC, along with titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn or God of War. Naturally, Sony’s decision didn’t sit well with the die-hard PlayStation fandom, who are, in their infinite self-righteous and elitist anger, now petitioning to cancel Hideo Kojima’s Xbox project. Apparently, some saw his partnership with Xbox as an act of treason.

Please note that we’re not talking about people who prefer PlayStation 5 over Xbox Series X/S because they prefer titles like Horizon over Halo. We’re talking about PlayStation’s cult-like fandom that previously laughed at PC gamers wishing for PlayStation exclusives for PC — the same fandom that caused a massive outcry over Sony’s decision to expand to PC. Adding insult to injury, the game resulting from Hideo Kojima’s collaboration with Xbox will likely become available on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Someone jokingly pointed out that the petitions to cancel Hideo Kojima’s project with Xbox are just as unreasonable and absurd as Xbox Game Pass, which offers over 1,000 high-quality games, and all benefits of Xbox Live Gold and an EA Play membership for a low monthly fee. But regardless of where you stand with your console of choice, Kojima’s decision to partner with Xbox isn’t as unreasonable as said petitions aiming to cancel that collaboration.

Both Sony and Konami continuously disrespected Kojima and have treated his titles very, very poorly each time there was even the slightest hint of friction between his creative genius and said publishers, so his decision to “switch teams” is actually justifiable. Ultimately, Kojima’s departure from Konami and Sony benefits all consumers. Those who really appreciate his work would also appreciate him finding a suitable environment at Xbox where his genius can be expressed.  

To remedy any hard feelings the fandom has against Kojima Productions; the company issued a statement in which it confirmed that, as an independent studio, it will continue to work with multiple partners and companies at the same time. So, for all PlayStation die-hards out there, Kojima will continue to make PlayStation games, and they’ll still be able to play them — well, all except the one he just announced. Unfortunately, the details about Kojima’s Xbox game are virtually non-existent, but we’ll keep the readership updated as more details become available.