See The Hilarious Function Added To Street Fighter 6 Multiplayer Mode

Street Fighter 6 has debuted the first look for the newest game in the storied fighting game franchise, and now a new and hilarious function has been released.

By Jason Collins | Published

street fighter 6

Sony’s State of Play brought us numerous new titles, some news about the highly anticipated remakes, and updates on our favorite titles. Among Capcom’s announcement of Resident Evil 4 finally being remade, or perhaps reimagined, and Village finally coming to PlayStation 5’s VR, Capcom also disclosed several updates for its other titles, including Street Fighter 6— which now has an interesting new feature added to its multiplayer mode, called Game Face.

According to ComicBook, Street Fighter 6 just got another new option in the game, which takes place on the multiplayer versus screen, called Game Face. It will allow the selected fighters to make faces at one another before the match, as opposed to the regular smack talk that occurs in multiplayer lobby chats. The newly added Game Face has a bountiful selection of taunting and mocking facial expressions, including scowls, grins, and many more.

The new Game Face system in Street Fighter 6 allows players to change their selected fighter’s facial impression by pressing directional keys on the multiplayer pre-match screen. Gamers can then watch characters like Luke and Ryu, as seen in the trailer above, scowl, smile, and act smug at each other right before the fight. Sounds like a silly and utterly useless option, but it’s bound to be funnier than the usual emojis.

Fortunately enough, Capcom isn’t too keen on keeping its mouth shut when it comes to one of the world’s best fighting games, and the company has already revealed plenty of detail regarding the upcoming game, including Ryu’s pretty impressive anatomy. Among said details are some entirely new features, like the “Drive” system, which allows for more experimentation with fighting styles and an entirely redesigned control system.

Of course, we can already hear the fandom’s outcry regarding new controls. After the various controversies regarding their gaming titles, Capcom decided to look a bit further into the future — in other words; they’ve anticipated the fandom’s backlash about the changed controls. So, they took a page from Blizzard’s book and left the old control system in Street Fighter 6 as well. Admittedly, Blizzard’s attempts were in regards to the games’ graphics and not controls, but the principle is the same.

For those who don’t know what we’re referring to, Warcraft 3: Reforged and Diablo II: Resurrected, both very botched releases, still have their old graphics engine running in the background, with newer graphics running on top. This allows gamers to switch between the two at any point in either of the games. Capcom did the same, but with the control system — they implemented the new control system in the upcoming Street Fighter 6 and retained the old one, allowing gamers to choose the one that suits them best.

But the new fighting and control systems aren’t the only new implementations in the upcoming Street Fighter 6. The recent data leak, which Capcom acknowledged, also revealed new characters coming to the fighting franchise, including Jury, Ed, and Rashid. And given the all-time-high fan excitement about the upcoming game, Capcom is routinely dropping gameplay snippets across various social media, adding fuel to the fandom’s enthusiasm.